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Warren Buffett Essay

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Warren Buffett |
The Leader I admire |
Nitesh Khadka
BUS 500 Organizational Leadership
13th September, 2015
Dr.Kambiz Moghaddam

Warren Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and one of the largest shareholders of it. He was born in August 30, 1930 in Nebraska. He was the second son of Howard Buffett, and Leila. Since his young age he was interested in investing and business. During his early age he started selling chewing gum, coca-cola bottles, magazines which was his first business ventures. While he was studying in high school he started making money selling newspapers, stamps and golf balls. In 1945 Buffett and his friend spent some couple of dollars and purchased a ...view middle of the document...

Effective leaders set an example for others and have their own standards. They should share their values with the people and implement it into action. They do whatever they say and they believe in leading by action rather than by words. (Posner & Kouzes, 2012)
Leader set picture that organization reflects in near future. (Leadership Challenge, 2013). They set pathway for their organization so achieve the goals and gain success. Effective leader make their vision and organizational goal very important for all the members in the organization. They believe on their extraordinary skills to make extraordinary things happen in an organization. Buffett went to GEICO insurance to meet Graham, who was one of the board members of GEICO. There he met Lorimer Davidson, GEICO’s vice president and two discussed the business of insurance for hours. Davidson found Buffett to be an extraordinary man after only couple of minutes of talk. If Buffett join GEICO then that would be very benefit for their insurance company so Graham offered Buffett to work for GEICO.
Buffett like to invest in shares and business from early age. He used to spend time sitting on the lounge of stock brokerage. He was very innovative and risk taker from early age. He brought shares for himself and started earning from there. Good leaders take initiation and inspire others to do the same. Buffett learnt from his experience and started using his experience further more to expand his business and stock.
Buffett as a leader succeeded in achieving shares of many companies by performing his responsibilities to his highest level and connecting everyone. Understanding and mutual relationship among colleagues and setting job for everyone based on their skills and capabilities that helped to raise their output level. This ultimately helped Buffett himself to gain success in his life. He enabled his employee to act.
The reason I...

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