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Warehouse Management Essay

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In this 21st century where innovation and technology playing a vital role in all business as it also turned away the old convention style of warehouse which just only used as storage place into multi task orientated which is value added to the whole supply chain.
The first function other than storage of goods is holding area for quality inspection of the goods, once the product being received by the warehouse team. This being done in order to assure that no product defect before it being distributed to the point of destination. But it must have a so called agreement if it’s a third party logistics or if it’s an internal warehouse then the quality control team will be playing their role as a ...view middle of the document...

It helps to lower the cost, time and save money. For an example let’s say a customer requires a variety range of products which is unable to load by a single manufacturer but it’s an advantage for warehouse where they may keep various sort of range product which the customer needs or help the customer to mix and palletise for customers. This method proves to be reducing waste in transportation cost and utilize it at optimum. This is one of major activities in warehousing and important to keep a warehouse as an asset along supply chain.

The third function of warehouse is the technical supports; technical support means repair and servicing products. Normally this applies to minor repairing and servicing of the said products. By doing this the customers just can drop in any products with problems to the dealer and the dealer will sent it to the warehouse so that to see if the problem can be rectify or not. If the problem can’t be resolved than it needs to be sent it to the country of origin manufacturing plants. For an example if Samsung Smart TV have some problem that cannot rectify by its technical support in Malaysia where we believe there is no manufacturing plant here, so nearest countries with manufacturing plant is the only solution. So it’s very important function of warehouse in this technological era as to trouble shoot the problem in a quick manner otherwise customer will opt for substitute brands which is attentive to this issue. Another great example would be car servicing, In Malaysia now there is ‘3S’ concept for an automobile industries. Perodua Malaysia has this facilities, where the 3’s’ stands for sales, after sales servicing and spare parts of the product under one roof.

The fourth function is final packaging or finishing of the products in warehouse as it is important. Packaging is being done to make sure no damage has been done to the product which is set to out from the warehouse. Normally the accidents may occur by using the forklifts, manual picking and at the conveyor belts as the goods accidentally falls. So the packaging plays an important part as the correct type of packaging is important in order to make sure the goods are packed carefully for handling and labelling it as fragile or handle with care. As there is so many cases where the...

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