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War On Drugs Essay

823 words - 4 pages

Lisa Ruiz-Broxton
Christopher Bragg
June 3, 2008

Many argue that the war on drugs is waste of time and money but many are forgetting that the war on drugs has been successful in achieving its aims. The war on drugs has the power to diminish the supply of drugs causing for drug prices to increase and by doing the consumption of illegal drugs on the streets to reduce. This paper will present a debate on the affects our society will suffer if the war on drugs is ...view middle of the document...

We as the people can not guarantee that drugs will be kept out children’s reach. People must remember that it will be our children who will begin to use the drugs first.
It is believed that if the war on drugs was discontinued and drugs were legalized it would reduce crime and social problems. Legalizing drugs will not reduce crime nor will reduce social problems. If drugs were legalized more people would start using and start getting sick or die which in the long run will affect people’s health and welfare will increase because of the need of continuous service, also once people are hooked and can not afford to buy drugs they will find a way by possibly committing a crime.
Crime is a result of a drug problem. The crime rate would maintain lower as long as drugs continue to maintain illegal because the drug abusers wouldn’t need to steal to pay for their drugs. Legalizing drugs would just add to an already rising problem causing more danger within our society, according to The U.S. department of Health and Human services conduct a annual drug survey in 1997 which stated that “ Past year illicit drug users were also about 16 times more likely than nonusers to report being arrested and booked for larceny or theft; more than 14 times more likely to be arrested and booked for such offenses as driving under the influence,...

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