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War Of 1812 Essay

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The War of 1812 The United States of America began to see the effects of Anglo-French War by the early 1800's. This European quarrel began affecting the United States shipping industry. Britain and France were violating neutral shipping rights of American merchants. They thought of America as weak due to inadequate time the nation had to develop. These violations were the first and primary provoking factors that led to war with Britain. There was reason that Britain became the target of US military rather that France. Britain has influenced Indians around Lake Michigan to resist white settlement. This was one of the primary reasons the English were chosen as our foe. Britain had the Indians ...view middle of the document...

The desire for Canadian colonies to join the United States, and the accusations of the British supplying Indians with weapons to be used against the U.S. are also causes of the War of 1812.The battles of this war were primarily fought on US soil. The British military was surprised by the United States military. They had underestimated of the young country that was blossoming and flourishing on freedom. The battle of Stoney Creek is an example of battle in which the British were surprised by not surprising the US. Lietinant-Colonol John Harvey chose 700 soldiers 8th and 49th regiments. These men arrived at the American camp at 2:00 am June 6, 1813, incidentally King George III's birthday. The English forces set there bayonets forward and ran upon the camp while whooping like Indians. Much to their surprise there were mysteriously only some smoldering campfires and some cooks around them. The British realized what had happened: the order had been made for the American troops to sleep at higher ground for the night with their arms by their sides. American troops spotted the British while running down upon the camp and had very little time to attempt to scramble into place. Their time wasn't a lot, but it was much more than the British had. The surprise element was not only lost, but had backfired on the British. The 49th regiment split left under the command of Major James Ogilivie; the 8th regiment had split right. Neither regiment had adequate time to form a line there before the barrage of fire descending upon them. At this crucial moment, Major Plenderleath, with about 20 men of the 49th, darted up the hill towards four of the American guns that were mounted on Smith's knoll (where the lion monument stands now). They had managed to shoot two rounds of this artillery before being seized by the British, but the artillery was to play a vital part in the victory of the battle. Consequently, American troops suffered much more of a loss than they would have if they had prevented the capture of these pieces. The British causalities was still greater. Britain had lost 214 of their man against the 168 American losses, however Britain's attack would have been much more unsuccessful had the Americans been able to keep there brigadiers. Far from all battles were American victories. The battle of Washington D.C. for instance: this was a tragedy. There were many factors that behooved Britain. One of the most outstanding disappointments is the deprival of the 5,000 militia men that Pennsylvania was to have rounded up, but didn't due to the law concerning the matter of militia in the state. Records show that no one "got around to it." What a shame for the historical items lost due to the plundering of the capitol. Winder, the nephew of Maryland's governor, was in charge of defending the capitol from the red coats. Winder's military history was not one of glory nor...

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