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War, Art, And Peace Essay

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David Crown
GPS 315

Peace, War, and Art

In this assignment I watched the movie “Downfall” Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. This movie follows Adolf Hitler, his Secretary Traudl Jung, and Joseph Goebbels during WWII as the war was ending. I took in this movie as a historical representation of what happened, and also took into account the dialogue the director emphasized in order to paint the picture he wanted to create. I find it important to point out that though the movie was told in the perspective of hitler and the German force, there was no agenda or bias in support of the nazi effort. In fact, the movie pointed out exactly what was wrong with the war effort and ...view middle of the document...

This bringing me to my point about violence through a system. Young Traudl was working to support herself and to live her dream, and in efforts to do such she was the victim of something much worse. In this semester we talked about less extreme cases about getting carpal tunnel in our hands from typing so much from the needs of the job, and how that was the violence that we were receiving, however in the case of Traudl, there was much more than indirect violence, and that there was a great deal of direct violence from the war.
Hitler’s political objective was to just push his power onto the other nations that he was seizing whilst pushing his agenda of an all Aryan race. Though Hitler was a strong dictator and was excellent at getting what he wanted, he did not do as much work communicatively with other nations. At the beginning of the movie there is a change in plans for Hitler, the Russians were closing in on Berlin and he was not ready for such. He speaks with his commanding officers about what to do and the only answer that they had was to be political about these strikes and Hitler was not compliant and ordered to just send more Nazi forces in to take down the Russians. This brings me back to what Schell had to say about power, politics and war. Schell states that power is defined by the ability to wage war, “a monotonous record of one-side slaughter.”, and through that one’s political agenda shall be achieved, however, in this account hitler used just blunt war force as opposed to communicative political strategies. “Violence has now become dysfunctional as a political instrument”, says Schell in his response to WWII. WWII is the prime example and is used in Schells writing of...

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