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Walt Disney Talent Development Essay

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Diploma in Business Administration
Talent Development Project Assignment


- The Walt Disney Company


1. Introduction (Company Background) -------------------------------------------- 3

2. Selection Process ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
3.1 The Application -------------------------------------------------------------- 4
3.2 Screening Interview ----------------------------------------------------- 4 - 5
3.3 Selection Tests -------------------------------------------------------------- 5
3.4 Employment Interview ...view middle of the document...

During 1929, the partnerships were reorganized and thereafter Walt Disney Productions, Limited, Walt Disney Enterprises, and two subsidiaries, Disney Film Recording Company, Limited and Liled Realty and Investment Company were established and a theme-park suitable for all ages named Disneyland was establish in 1955. (The Walt Disney Company, 2014)

According to (Ellwood, 1998), Walt Disney was been described by Ellwood as an infamous obsessive-compulsive person that is addicted to work, a stickler who ran his organization like an individual fiefdom. During his management, women and black people were not promoted to senior positions as he’s paternalistic and tyrannical, compensated just the faithfulness and barred nonconformists. After Walt Disney passed away in 1966, Roy O.Disney took over the company and rename Disney world as Walt Disney World in honor of his brother and his vision. When Roy O.Disney passed away in 1971, the company was taken over by Donn Tatum, Card Walker and Ron Miller, all trained by the two founder. (Fundinguniverse, 2014)

Over the years, The Walt Disney Company had gone through a lot of changes such as received various awards and the business was divided into 5 primary segments, “The Walt Disney Studios, Parks and Resorts, Disney Consumer Products, Media Networks and Disney Interactive. (The Walt Disney Company, 2014). As of May 2014, the company which was under the management of Robert Iger and had approximately 175000 employees was ranked 14th under the World’s Most Valuable Brands. (Forbes, 2014)


2.1 The Application

All candidates who are interested to apply for a position within The Walt Disney Company, they can go to and apply for the position. They will be required to search for the position, completed a personal detailed application form and submit together with their resume. (Please refer to Appendix A to E) Upon submitting their application, the candidates will receive a confirmation email informing them that their application had been received. The company will get back to the candidates after they review the experiences and skills to the positions applied and it might not be immediate as it depends on the number of applications received for that particular position. If the company finds that the candidate is more suitable for another position, they might offer him that position instead of his previous application. (DisneyCareers, 2015)

2.2 Screening Interview

Upon collecting the application forms, the Human Resource department will have to screen through and selected the right candidates for the job using information given such as their qualifications, experience and expected salaries and measures to the job benchmarked. After selecting some of the suitable candidates, the recruiter from Human Resource will contact the candidates and conduct a phone interview which durations vary for all positions. (DisneyCareers, 2015)

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