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Walt Disney Company’s Mission Statement Essay

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Walt Disney Company’s mission statement
A corporate mission summarizes a company's basic policies for realizing its goals, and states the important goals that employees must strive to meet. Constructing a mission that resonates with the members of one's constituency or organization is one of the most difficult tasks that a leader or an executive committee faces. In this paper, Walt Disney’s mission statements will be evaluated. Customers, products or services, markets, concern for profitability, philosophy, and concern for employees.
The Walt Disney Company's objective is to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information, using its portfolio of brands to differentiate its content, services and consumer products. The Company's primary financial goals are to maximize ...view middle of the document...

Walt Disney’s views and visions came from the fond memories of yesteryears, and persistence for the future.
The focus that Disney has is that they are all responsible for their actions, not only independently of each other but also dependent on each for the well working of the company. There is a level of interaction that is met by both the corporate management and the board of directors. There is an overall agreement on the goals that they have set forth including the cohesiveness of the corporate management which is a high priority. At Disney, the management focuses on group creativity and in teamwork. Their goal is to make people happy and become the World's largest family entertaining company.
Disney has been able to find a very distinctive niche in the industry. It has focused on market diversification for years and the company covers a wide array of products and services such as home video, film, merchandise, radio broadcasting, network television, and theme parks. Disney has effectively globally diversified its operations from USA to Japan, Europe, and soon Hong Kong. Generally speaking, all consumers are Walt Disney's customers.
In conclusion the Disney corporation’s success is clearly based on a formula of key values, character types, music and commercial advertising. However, ultimately, no matter what trials they face they will succeed. Further strongly evident themes are the prevalence of heart and spirit, against danger and adversity. A further notion incorporated into all Disney films is the unending battle between good and evil. Also, at a corresponding time a song or theme tune, sang by a large artist, from the film may be released into the pop charts, further raising the awareness of the target audience of the film. Both Toy Story and Beauty and The Beast exemplify this throughout; hence, creating a generation of Disney youths.

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