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Walt Disney Approach To Motivation Essay

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(Motivational strategies of successful, cutting-edge corporations)
Walt Disney motivational strategies are successful because the company values each employee and shows that each employee is vital for the team. The motivational strategies that are used allow the company to choose employees who seek self direction and enjoy working, and the company has a strong belief that the company’s employees are creative.
The motivational strategies begin at the first day of becoming an employee. The first day an employee begins orientation, which is called Training. During training the employees learn the ideology of Disney by learning the dream and mission of Disney (Sparks, 2007). This allows the employees to feel a part of the company and understand the companies process, and purpose. The company uses ...view middle of the document...

Another incentive would be individual or group offers to movie premiers, and other combination of rewards.
The training along with communication and rewards allow successful motivation. Walt Disney believes that to have happy guests at the Walt Disney resorts they must have happy employees. Disney determines the happiness of the employees by distributing a survey to the employees about the management performance (Sparks, 2007). The survey determines communication skills, management problems, and ideas to improve the company. After the survey is distributed a meeting is held to address the concerns to resolve the problems. This shows that Disney cares and is concerned for the welfare of their company, and wants to keep their employees happy. The proper training and communication with the employees allow the employees to have the companies trust and know that his or her ideas are equally important.

Walt Disney is a well thought out company and does not need many improvements. The only improvements that need to be considered are the workers compensation. The labor department has caused some issues with employees who have been injured while at work. Some employees have experienced problems receiving compensation, or have received the incorrect compensation. Other employees have had problems with insurance because he or she is told that he or she has returned to work (Mundy, 2008). Improvements in this area will allow more confidence in the employees if an injury would occur while working for Walt Disney.
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