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Walt Disney Essay

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Walt Disney
As Walt Disney was growing up, his dad fathered many children. Walt’s parents traveled very much because they always seemed to see new and better things. They lived in England, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, etc. Elias, Walt’s dad was a hard man. “He worked hard, lived modestly, and worshiped devoutly. He did neither smoking nor drinking nor cursing nor carousing.” (Gabler 3.) Walt was the age of four when his dad decided to move again. From Chicago to missouri, “That was the big moment when we were going to go away” said Walt. (Pg 9). “Walt Disney would remember Marceline, Missouri. He would remember it more vividly than anything else in his childhood, ...view middle of the document...

Later that year, when school came to an end and summer started, Walt neither pursued in drawing or show business. He decided to take a job at a place called ‘O-Zell factory.’ At the factory, he constructed boxes, crushing apples for pectin, running a jar capper and washer. Later that July, he left the job at the O- Zell factory for a job at the post office. He would start work at seven a.m. and end around four in the afternoon. “On days when he finished his route and there was no additional work, he would take the elevated train to the Thirty-fifth Street terminus, pull on a uniform, and serve as a gateman, loading the cars and closing the doors-typically working twelve to thirteen hours in all.” (Pg 35.) Walt was a very busy man. “When he was not driving or running errands, he did what he had always done. He drew.” (Pg.39) “He drew sketches for the canteen menu featuring a doughboy character he devised, posters advertising hot chocolate and baths to the troops.” Also, “Designs on the canvas flaps over the sides of the ambulances, caricatures for his fellow enlistees to send to their girls and families. Walt was creative and an outstanding artist. “One summer’s day, Flora and Elias had gone to town, leaving Walt and Ruth at the farm. As Ruth told it, they began investigating the rain barrels around the house and discovered the barrel’s lining tar. Walt announced that the soft tar could be used as paint, and when Ruth out of caution asked whether it would come off or not, he assured her it would.” (Pg 15). His first art was a popsicle stick dipped in the tar barrels on the side of the house in which he
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painted the side of his parents white house. Walt also enjoyed looking at art and started drawing the minute he learned how to hold a pencil.
Walt Disney was different than most. He found his passion at a very early age, which was drawing. Walt is a very interesting man because of how he did things. All though he traveled a lot with many siblings, he still stayed on track, went to school, worked and continued to draw. Walt was way more than successful. The Saturday evening post once called him the “World's most celebrated entertainer and possibly it’s best known non political figure.” (Introduction). In the late 1920’s, Disney began reinventing animation, gradually turning it from a novelty that emphasized movement and elasticity of line emotion. A man by the name of Robert Hughes gave credit to Walt Disney for inventing Pop Art itself. Walt Disney was known as the man who changed the shape of the recreation when he opened his disney park. While Disney was reinventing animation and amusement, he changed America’s view of their own history and values. Disney’s films had played a greater role than anything else in the popular culture in education the public on conservation and Disney was building a constituency for it. Disney however, was also the first one to bundle television programs, feature animation, live action film,...

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