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Walmart Swot Analysis

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Investing in Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer would seem to be a “no brainer” because of the great history and success of the company. Sam Walton had a vision to achieve higher sales volumes by keeping sales prices lower than his competitors by reducing his profit margin. His mission "to help people save money so they can live better" (Walmart, 2012), has proven to be the culture of the company that began from a single store to an empire. Today, Walmart operates more than 10,000 retail units under 69 different banners in 27 countries. Walmart employs more than 2 million associates who serve 200 million customers and members every week (Walmart, 2012). Walmart’s strengths lie in ...view middle of the document...

And when we exceed their expectations, we’re at our best” (Walmart, 2012).

Last year, Wal-Mart delivered a strong financial performance. Net sales increased by 5.9 percent to $443.9 billion, and consolidated operating income grew by 4 percent to $26.6 billion. Earnings per share in their favor were $4.54 per share, up from $4.18 the previous year. Their strong financial position is best illustrated by their ability to grow. They have acquired 1,160 additional units, including acquisitions in the U.K. and South Africa. They continue to deliver strong returns to shareholders and returned $11.3 billion to them through dividends and share repurchases during the year. Wal-Mart continues to remain disciplined and focused on improving their business. In U.S. market, assortments are back and real improvements in merchandising and operations and investing in lower prices has proved to keep positive sales comps for the company. Wal-Mart International is delivering strong sales and remains the company’s primary growth engine. With $125 billion in sales, it is remarkable that their international business alone would now be among the three largest retailers in the world (Walmart, 2012). With the world of retail constantly changing, Wal-Mart has successful online businesses in the U.S., the U.K. and Brazil, where they are already delivering the convenience of multichannel shopping. They also have growing ecommerce businesses in Canada and China. E-commerce gives a great opportunity to bring “anytime, anywhere” access to millions of customers around the globe and introduce several products for in the U.S. that make shopping easier and more fun. Along with this, having insights into millions of shopper experiences and more than 10,000 stores around the world, Wal-Mart is positioned to strongly win in e-commerce.
Wal-Mart is facing competition in North America with stores such as Kmart and Target. Several smaller retailers, primarily dollar stores, such as Family Dollar and Dollar General, have been able to find a small niche market and compete successfully against Wal-Mart for home consumer sales. Wal-Mart is the World’s largest grocery retailer and control of its empire, despite its IT advantages, could leave it weak in some areas due to the huge span of control. Wal-Mart still has low wages and benefits for employees despite hard times in the economy. Wal-Mart currently employs over 2 million people. Although there is power in numbers, are still only as strong as their weakest link. Since Wal-Mart sell products across many sectors (such as clothing, food, or stationary), it may not have the flexibility of some of its more focused competitors. Wal-Mart has become vulnerable as the price leader and incorporating low quality products within its stores. Average customer's income of US Wal-Mart is under the national average income, and it is also predict that over (1/5) of them lack a bank account. ...

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