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Walmart Strategic Plan Essay

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KGA: Strategic Action Plan

“Always low prices”, is the first thing you think of when you think about one of the most successful companies around the world, Wal-Mart. For years they stand as a well know company due to their everyday low prices and variety of products. Their mission statement is “Saving people money so that they can live better”. They have chosen their mission statement wisely yet there is a lot of controversy when it comes to this International Company.
Wal-Mart was started in Rogers, Arkansas during the early 1960’s by Sam Walton. (Ghillyer, 2010). Walton traveled all around the country researching what consumers wanted in a retail ...view middle of the document...

Environmental Scan
Internal data:
In order for applicants to become Associates of Wal-Mart, they need to fulfill the following requirements: they must have a good attitude towards customers, they must be team players, and must provide good customer service. We ask that they have good attitudes towards customers because we want customers to come back to our store whenever they something and we want them to feel comfortable coming to our store, and we want our customers to tell their friends and family about us. They must team players so they can work together and bring out the best in each other so we make as much profit as possible. Customer service is one of our biggest priorities mainly because that’s what we are known for.
There are many people out there in need of a job now a days due to the economy, we hire people over the age of 16 that need a job, if they’re under 18 they need a working permit, that have the want to grow within a company, handicapped/disabled people are always welcome. We follow the state regulation that’s why we only hire over the age of 16. Always in the search for people that want to grow within a company, there are always opportunities to grow here and we encourage people to take the position if it is available. We always welcome handicapped or disabled because they deserve an equal opportunity.
Wal-Mart is not a union they deal with management and the associate differently. A union is meant to have the same benefits and the same rights. In this case Wal-Mart offers the same benefits to all their employees but management has different rights within the company. Some of the benefits they offer are health and wellness benefits and financial benefits. For a big company some people might say this is nothing compared to what they are capable of offering their employees.
Even though Wal-Mart has many employees and is a very successful company employee’s complaint all the time. Dome employees or associates, as they’re called, say they don’t like working at Wal-Mart but they get paid well so the stay. Others say they like working there but wish they had more benefits. The people that said they liked working at Wal-Mart mentioned that they’ve met a lot of new people working there and they’re trying to climb the corporate latter and grow within the company.
External data:
* Educational demographics and curricula:
* We are looking for employees that have at least a high school degree and are looking into going to college and make something out of their future. We are very supportive with our employees that are going to school by offering flexibility hours to make it easier for them to attend school. Also they need to be very outgoing and willing to do whatever it takes to please our customers. Most importantly, they have to have a smile on their face and look presentable all the time.
* Workforce demographics:
* We offer equal employment opportunities with a very peaceful environment. Benefits and...

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