Wall E Reliance On Technology Essay

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Caroline Fodale
English 121
Professor Mount

Snap Into Reality
We constantly hear we are in the ‘age of technology’. It’s crazy how much technology we use on a daily basis. It has become so routine to have technology incorporated into our daily lives that we don’t realize how much we rely on it. Who would have thought Pixar’s animation Wall-E could have so much technological awareness incorporated into the plot. The director of Wall-E created this movie with a universal message of what will happen to our society over time if we do not stop relying on technology.
Thousands of years have passed that we have lived with technology, and it has worked in our benefit in many ...view middle of the document...

Two passengers on the Axiom, John and Mary, had their monitors turned off accidently and made eye contact for the first time. This caused the two of them to see and acknowledge each other; it was a mystical moment.
Every passenger aboard the Axiom is controlled by technology. They are told what to do and are always waited on by the robots. Because of this technology surrounding the passengers they never need to leave their hover chairs to do anything. The passengers have robots to brush their teeth, serve them food and even dress them. It’s hard to tell if it’s the technology that controls their lives, or the laziness? I would argue that technology is the reason that we become so lazy. The robots do have control over the passengers’ lives, however the passengers are lazy enough to let them.
Problem solving and creating an agenda for ourselves is what makes us human. The passengers on the Axiom lack many human qualities such as, creating agendas, making decisions, solving problems and physical interaction....

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