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Walgreens Essay

631 words - 3 pages

Team Research Project

Human Resource Management

Prepared for

Professor Steven Cates

GB520 Strategic Human Resources Management

Prepared by
Team E:

Brenda Thompson
Tiffany Weston
Andrew Zimmerman

June 12, 2012

Walgreens is the largest pharmacy chain in the continental United ...view middle of the document...

it is this volleying of information that brings us to many possible outcomes for exploring Human Resource practices within Walgreens. The process or design we intend to use to gather and analyze our research information is as followed

Check that we are completely clear about what information we need collected, collated, analyzed or fed back, for which we are seeking a method.

Check that another group, person or organization is not already collecting the data. Check, where possible, how the information was collected to see if it is reliable enough for your needs.

Be clear about how accurate we need to be.

Establish whether the information relates towards a specialist? If so, seek specialist advice or documentation before proceeding with the method selection.

Be clear about the task that needs to be accomplished and whether this concerns qualitative and/or quantitative information. Consider whether a method is needed to collect, collate, analyze , synthesize or disseminate information.

Decide the extent to which the data gathering or analysis process is to be participatory, and therefore whether we need to work with individuals, groups or...

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