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Wal Marts Effects On Communities Essay

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Wal-Mart can be found in most cities around the United States and they employ roughly 1.4 million U.S. citizens. They provide Americans with everyday low prices and better deals that other local department stores cannot match. There is no doubt that Wal-Mart has the cheapest prices on most of their products. But this actually hurts Americans more than it helps! The anti-Wal-Mart campaign will reach its 20th birthday next year thanks to some very bad publicity and business practices held by the world’s largest supercenter. Communities everywhere are standing up to the giant, claiming that Wal-Mart is bankrupting their stores and providing less than adequate wages and benefits to their ...view middle of the document...

Sam wanted a place where customers could go to purchase their goods for the lowest possible price; originally opening in rural areas, providing a service to those who needed it most. However, Sam was very much aware of the criticism brought upon him. Such criticism included how his stores were crippling local businesses and downtown retail. To combat this, Walton was very active in rural cities, promising job creation and donations to local communities (A+E Networks).
In 1988, Sam Walton stepped down as CEO of Wal-Mart Store Inc. and named David Glass as his successor (Wal-Mart Stores Inc). The year before Glass was named CEO sales grew by $16 billion; the year after he was named CEO, sales more than doubled to $55 billion for the end of the year. There is no doubt that David Glass knew, fiscally, what he was doing when he took the job as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) but at what cost to the public and America did Wal-Mart make such astounding gains in 1993, the year that followed Sam Walton’s resignation? Following Wal-Mart’s record setting year, David Glass was under heavy scrutiny for practices conducted at Wal-Mart stores and manufacturing facilities around the world. In an interview with NBC, Glass was asked about Wal-Mart buying shirts from a factory in Bangladesh that used child labor (Saporito). With Wal-Mart supposedly being a “Buy-American” company, this brought heavy embarrassment on Glass who did not know how to respond. The interview was then cut off prematurely by another executive from Wal-Mart. This interview could very well have started the publicity downfall of Wal-Mart. The company once known for low prices, community involvement, and a pro-America frame of mind, now find themselves on the wrong side of a publicity nightmare brought upon by immoral business practices and decisions.
With the start of a publicity nightmare well underway, the media would only add fuel to the fire. New accusations of American manufacturing plants closing as a result of Wal-Mart buying clothes from international manufacturers resulted. Industry leading bicycle maker, Huffy, was at their peak in the 1970’s and 1980’s until the changing of the tides in 1988. By the mid-90’s Huffy was in deep financial trouble, accusing big-box stores of claiming most of their business. Wal-Mart was their biggest buyer, but wanted too many bikes for too low of a cost. Huffy, wanting to stay competitive, had no choice but to agree to the terms. If Huffy had declined the terms, Wal-Mart would’ve simply gone to the next bicycle maker making Huffy irrelevant. In 1995 Huffy’s bottom line was in the hole $5 million. Huffy even asked the Local Union that represented their workers if they could lower wages and the Union agreed. However, Huffy continued to lose money, eventually closing both American based plants for the cheaper manufacturing costs in China. Though, this too could not save the renowned bicycle maker, forcing Huffy to turn over their...

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