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Wal Mart Cross Cultural Perspectives Essay

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Wal-Mart Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Timothy Johnson
ETH/316 Ethics and Social Responsibility
July 3, 2014
Rodney Adams

Wal-Mart Cross-Cultural Perspectives
The subject of whether ethical and social issues should be a major concern for businesses is frequently debated, expressly in an arrangement of compositions from Larry Summers, Bill Gates, and many others. In recent times, a book called Creative Capitalism was put in print to discuss this very issue. There are varying opinions in regards to the cross-cultural perspectives of cultural issues that affects the organization’s interactions outside the United States. Nevertheless when you see the ...view middle of the document...

Wal-Mart then tried to do the same thing in the mid-90s and crossed the threshold into Indonesia but almost immediately departed there also subsequent to rebels trashing a sector in the town’s capital of Jakarta. Problems included the fact that Wal-Mart’s venture in South Korea has been subjected to obstacles due to a merchandise mistakenly assumed a good choice but was actually out of kilter from local tastes as well as the verity of what the residents deemed as Wal-Mart stores being placed a long way from city centers, which make them less reachable to most residents.
In all of this, Wal-Mart still became the world’s largest retailer because it offers as it slogan goes, "everyday low prices" around the globe. It appears however, that despite that fact, Wal-Mart was tendering a tad bit of something else also. The retail giant has been thrust into yet another major scandal. This comes at the hands of a New York Times investigation, which exposed Wal-Mart’s Mexico holding in, regards to it paying $24 million in bribes to regional bureaucrats. The bribes were done to bypass laws, policies, and acquire construction permits for new stores. According to the story “The worst part: the story alleges that then CEO H. Lee Scott and other top executives knew exactly what was going on and tried to hush it up. "This looks to me like a comprehensive failure on the part of Wal-Mart’s board," says Stephen Davis, director of the Millstein Center for Corporate Governance at Yale.” (Foroohar, 2012)
How to Deal With Ethical and Social Responsibility Issues
We know that Wal-Mart has the influence to impose performance that produces the altitude of social responsibility and ethical standing more rapidly to a society most favorable level in a country devoid of adequate civil liberty rights and an efficient government required to deal with ethical externalities. The measure of ethical performance that Wal-Mart stress most certainly has in close relationship to association to what the populace would stipulate from a democratic government.
We all are fully aware that a well-operational economy must require laws and the institutions to impose them. In both China and Mexico the enforcement of laws can be subject to the habitually corrupt or bribe seeking local communist party bureaucrats. What Wal-Mart appears to be doing is utilizing its substantial supply franchise to supply local businesses with persuasive enticement to comply with the law in a manner in which local governments can’t or won’t.
Many feel that Wal-Mart’s social conscience could have had a positive influence on China, some will argue against that point. The article in regards to Wal-Mart’s Mexican subsidiary paying bribes only...

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