Wal Mart, An Organizational Analysis

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Wal-Mart, an Organizational Analysis
Kenneth Russell
Strayer University
Dr. Mary Tranquillo
Bus. 310
November 6, 2012

Wal-Mart, an Organizational Analysis
I will thoroughly discuss in detail the operation of Wal-Mart, the company’s strategies, legal concerns and various challenges the company faces. In addition, I will address any current (or anticipated) human resource issues concerning the expanding into the international market and make recommendations on how the organization can leverage its human resources to come out on top in a highly competitive market.

Wal-Mart, an Organizational Analysis
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Wal-Mart has active retail stores in various locations throughout the United States. Wal-Mart’s merchandising operations provide its consumers through three types of segments: discount stores, Supercenters, and warehouse membership club store (i.e. Sam’s wholesale club). The Sam’s club segment dominates warehouse membership clubs with 538 membership-only stores (Sam’s Club) (Bianco, 2003). The International segment of Wal-Mart consist of operations outside of the U.S. which consist Europe, South America, Asia, but not limited to
Puerto Rico, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom (“All about Wal-Mart”, 2012).
In regards of Human resources challenges, Wal-Mart has faced a few adversities such as insufficient salaries, sex discrimination, and unionization which have drawn lots of attention to their legal department.
Describe the major legal concerns of the organization and recommend how those concerns should be addressed.
In the year of 2001, Wal-Mart was struck by one of the largest sex discrimination suits in U.S. history. The lawsuit consisted of six female employees and the count has grown to over a million women since; which could cost the retailer billions in damage. The suit claims systematic discrimination, charging that female employees were paid less than male employees and received smaller raises and fewer promotions. According to Reuters, the women were steered away from management positions into lower-level jobs with little to no advancement potential, like cashier positions. One woman was told she wasn’t competent for a supervision position because she was not able to stack 50-pound bag of dog food. Suggestions of ways to address sexual discrimination would be to enforce title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which consist of EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and Affirmative Action. Equal opportunity employment discrimination can be accomplished thru public educating management and staff. Many laws that apply to discrimination and equal opportunity employment do not definitely characterize discrimination. Education and the application of legislative and non-
legislative codes of conduct can assist in helping to eliminate sexual discrimination in the workplace. Affirmative action refers to positive steps taken by an organization to seek qualified
employees from underrepresented groups in the workforce (Griffin, 2012). In order for affirmative action to be effective, fundamentals and programs that support utilization should be evaluated and conducted, strategies, goals, and timetables should be set to address concerns of utilization. In addition, a list of action plans to take steps in implementing the reduction of underutilization. If affirmative action plans are included, the employer can ensure that unintentional discrimination against any group or person does not occur.
Determine how the organization should address current (or anticipated) human...

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