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W Hong Kong Compare With Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

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W Hong Kong
compare with
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

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Hotel backgrounds4
Facilities and services 6
Room types and room rates8
Target markets11

Hotel always labeled into different level to identify the level of service hotel is provided. In this report, we are going to compare same level hotel but different type in Hong Kong. One is W Hong Kong which is the winner of Traveler Choice and Certificate of Excellence in 2013, another one is Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel which has established as a premium world class vacation destination. Although they are in the same level, the type of the hotel is ...view middle of the document...

W Hong Kong is located in Kowloon MTR Station; visitors can enter Hong Kong from Elements Mall W Hotels. Visitors will also find Kowloon Park, the Avenue of Stars, the famous Star Ferry Pier, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Temple Street those nearby destinations.  
W Hong Kong is owned by Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, One of the world's largest hotel companies, which is an American hotel and Leisure Company. It have nine owned brands that owns, operates, franchises and manages its hotels, resorts, spas, residences, and vacation ownership properties totally about 1,162 properties in nearly 100 countries and over 171,000 employee.

The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is a deluxe; Victorian-style family hotel with 400 rooms operates in 12 September 2005 when the same time of Hong Kong Disneyland operation. It located in Penny's Bay on the northeast end of the island that  visitor can from Hong Kong International Airport use 10 minutes and less than 30 minutes by train or motorway from downtown Hong Kong.
The Walt Disney Company joins a partnership with the Government of the Hong Kong to operate Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. The Walt Disney Company has many products in different country which include hotel, theme park, cartoon, movies and made in since 1928s. Nowadays, The Walt Disney Company almost is the largest media conglomerate in the world that they do a lot of promotion then became more famous and famous. In addition, they have do interactive entertains to attract kids, families and Disney enthusiasts everywhere such as many Disney Characteristic inside.

Facilities and services
| W Hong Kong | Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel |
Recreation and entertainment | Wet®Outdoor Heated Pool | Swimming pools |
| Outdoor Jacuzzi | Gym Room |
| Bliss® Spa | Outdoor Ball Games(soccer or basketball) |
| FIT/Gym Room | Mickey Maze |
| | Storybook Playroom |
| | Kingdom Gifts |
Restaurants and Bars | WOOBAR | Enchanted Garden Restaurant |
| Kitchen | Walt's Caft |
| Sing Yin Cantonese Dining | Crystal Lotus |
| WET®Deck | Grand Salon |
| | Sea Breeze Bar |
| | Kingdom Club |

About the recreation and entertainment in W Hong Kong and Disneyland Hotel, both of them have swimming pool and gym room. In the table we can see that Disneyland Hotel facilities are more suits to children and family guest. For example, Mickey Maze is a game to find a way around Mickey Mouse Maze .It is a game that children and family will enjoy it .Storybook Playroom is also fit to children that they in there can read in lot of different story books and join some workshop to create crafts.
In W Hong Kong there is more facilities supply for adult like Spa and Outdoor Jacuzzi to relax and enjoy about it. Moreover, Get WET® is one of the world’s highest rooftop swimming pool which build in 76th floor. The guest can relax on the luxurious deckchair to have stunning views by the panoramic skyline 211 meters above Victoria Harbour.

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