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Vw In India Essay

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As one of the most famous automakers in the world, Volkswagen group targeted the Indian

market as a great opportunity to increase its global brand awareness and growth. After the

company introduced Skoda and Audi in India, Volkswagen was also selected to enter the Indian

market as a worthy brand aimed at a different target audience. Clearly, VW had to differentiate

itself from the clutter of auto brands to gain the Indian market share, but it is a challenge to

convert the brand perception of Indian consumers. By hiring Doyle Dane Bernabach (DDB)

Mudra to run the advertising and campaigns, VW successfully took the first step toward

winning the Indian ...view middle of the document...

Right now, the media channels that DDB Mudra had chosen were too simple to carry the

messages. For example, Times of India was repeatedly used as an advertising medium for

most of VW’s models. Even though DDB is good at using traditional medias, they shouldn’t


ignore the power of new medias, which hold out interactive user feedback and create

participation. VW, as it states itself as an innovative brand, shouldn’t limit the use of new

medias. Likewise, to help spread consistent brand and product messages, product planners,

media persons, dealers and consumers all have to be reached by the marketing strategy. So

we highly recommend VW to consider the following suggestions to improve its campaigns:

Use new media: Print ads are not out-of-date, but new media definitely creates

a new opportunity for advertising and it works for companies who want to reach

their customers anytime, anywhere. Since VW targets younger segments, mobile

advertising could be an efficient way to attract consumers and represents VW’s image

of innovation.

Educate dealers: As the ones who are directly in contact with customers, VW dealers

should pay more attention to the marketing strategies. It is important to educate

them to understand all the campaigns so that consumers will not feel confused when

they visit the store after reading the ads. If the shopping experience conflicts with

customer’s perception of VW’s ads and campaigns, it is easy to crush the trust.

Interact with consumers: To create...

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