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Voting System For Ssb Essay

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Chapter 1
The Problem and its Background
The University of Cagayan Valley (UCV), formerly known as the Cagayan Colleges Tuguegarao (CCT) and Cagayan Teachers College (CTC), was founded in April 1948k from the rubbles and devastating aftermath of World War II. The country was still in economic chaos; most schools have been destroyed or burned and were being built and rehabilitated. There was a dearth of teachers all over the country and people were just getting over their travails and horrifying experiences during the war.
It was during the long war years while on evacuation that Atty.Matias Ponce Perez Sr. concretized his life-long dream and promise to the Cagayan electorate ...view middle of the document...

This innovation, like all of our solutions, will help the students exercise their rights to vote during some of toughest, most disputed elections.
Students can verify that their on screen elections were recorded accurately to review their votes to invite public trust and establish the credibility of election and apply this process in real time and having a system that is fully automated, user – friendly, time effective and efficient.
Voters can also experience a customized interface by uses graphic elements such as image, logo of an officer or their parties to be able to the students being already familiar of a candidate. Also, voting systems allow voters to cast their choice more quickly and allow the results to be known and had a chance to review their votes.
This voting process reduces the cost of holding of an election because it requires greatly reduced human and economic resources. It has been designed to make this simple procedure. Creating what we believe is the most transparent automated-voting process available in the school for University of Cagayan Valley.

1.) Voting process and results are manually manipulated.
2.) The students need to wait for their turn to find and confirm to check their student ID.
3.) The existing manual transaction is incompetent of providing report of the USC election.
4.) Valuable in prior arrangement development with maximum of human economic resources.
5.) Slow process in counting the result and inefficient to display a list of winning candidates.
Alternative Hypothesis
1.) That the system aims to provide an Voting System for Supreme Student Body of University of Cagayan Valley.
2.) That the Automated Voting System aims for Supreme Student Body of University of Cagayan Valley that will provide an efficient, robust and secured tally of results.
3.) That the system aims to create an Automated Voting System for Supreme Student Body of University of Cagayan Valley which will more efficient to the voters to encode their preferred candidates during the voting period.
Hypothesis one (1) to three (3) are null hypothesis free. The proposed System has a big difference of the manual voting system except that this system is automated; the voters can choose their choice more quickly by clicking the name of the candidates or the parties.
Nowadays, technology almost improves and progresses our lives especially in education. Most of the School and Universities adopt the technological advantage of Voting System during their Student Elections which is considered as the most reliable and faultless in terms of easily and security of votes. Automated System is a method of making the Supreme Student...

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