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Voting System Essay

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“Electronic Voting Literature”
Voting on the internet using PC's everyday offers only weak security, but its main disadvantages are in the areas of anonymity and protection against coercion and/or vote selling. The Presidential elections of 2000 brought national attention to problems with current American methods of casting and counting votes in public elections. Most people believe that the current system should be changed; there is much disagreement on how such changes should be made.
Dr. Michael Shamos of CMU provides a sharp counterpoint [6] to Neumann and Mercuri's views. While his “Six Commandments” summary of requirements for a voting system is ...view middle of the document...

Neumann gives a list of suggestions for "generic voting criteria" which suggests that a voting system should be so hard to tamper with and so resistant to failure that no commercial system is likely to ever meet the requirements, and developing a suitable custom system would be extremely difficult and prohibitively expensive.
The election processes of voter registration, vote casting, vote counting, and ballot generation are becoming increasingly automated. Numerous cases of allegedly accidental errors have been reported, along with suspicions of fraud. However, the borderline between accident and fraud is murky. Serious security vulnerabilities are commonplace in most voting systems, providing widespread opportunities for computer-system misuse particularly by insiders. Indeed, incentives for bribery, collusion, and fraud are likely to be enhanced by the financial stakes involved in winning or losing an election.
According to Nuemann criterion of a voting system should be the following:
* System Integrity – it should be tamperproof.
* Data Integrity – this is one of the most important part of a voting system so this must also be tamperproof.
* Data Confidentiality – data should not be visible to anyone during the voting process.
* System Availability – it must be available whenever it is expected to be operational.
* System Reliability – system should be bug free.
* Interface Usability – system should be user friendly and overly cautious in defending accidental or intentional misuse of the system.

* “Security Criteria for Electronic Voting,” Peter Neumann, presented at the 16th National Computer Security Conference Baltimore, Maryland, September 20-23, 1993. Available at

* “Electronic Voting,” Rebecca Mercuri.

* “Electronic Voting Literature” David Friedman , Charles Wright, Dan Kalowsky, John Daniel

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It starts with automated registration system that will provide the secured database of the voters’ information. Modification of the voters’ information requires the fingerprint of the particular voter. So the system will help to minimize the corruption done by others, and hopefully corruption may be diminished at some point of time. In this system Voter will select his/her preferable candidate by providing his or her opinion on a touch screen where all candidates’ voting sign is displayed.

Let’s consider the following points:
* The system that exists currently in Bangladesh is totally paper based and manual that takes lots of time and the government has to bear the financial expenses for this purpose.
* The...

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