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Volcanism Essay

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=is the term which covers all kinds of volcanic activities., it also includes the process that gives rise to magma and causes its movements in the earth.
= It also covers expulsion of gases, lava, and solid materials from the opening in the crust.
=Is a vent, hill, or mountain from which molten or hot rock and gaseous materials are ejected
=In our country we have more than 200 volcanoes they are distributed in five volcanic belt intimately related to subduction or convergent process
=The term magma comes from the Greek word that means “kneaded mixture” like a dough or paste.
=Its geologic application refers to ant hot mobile materials ...view middle of the document...

Distribution of volcanoes
CIRCUM-PACIFIC BELT = it is also called the ring of fire. The Cascade range of volcanoes makes up a small segment of this belt. Continuing America and on the west coast of the South America and Antarctica. Turning north again, the western portion of the Pacific belt include volcanoes in Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan.
MEDITERRANEAN BELT= stretches across the Mediterranean eastward though Asia Minor and Iran to Baluchistan.

Philippine volcanoes
=The Philippines Archipelago has more than 200 volcanoes distributed in five volcanic belt intimately related to seductions/convergent processes
Mayon volcano
=Lies at the eastern portion of Albay about 300 km southeast of Manila and s well-known for its beauty and near perfect cone.
=One of the tourist attractions of the country.
=Reaches up to around 2,462 m above sea level and covers an area of 250 sq. km.
=Its base circumference is 62.8 km.
=Classified as a stratovolcano or composite one.
=Four major types of volcanic activity: airfall deposition, pyroclastic flows, rain-triggered debris flows, and lava flows.
=February 1, 1814 most violent and devastating outburst occurred at the town of Camalig, =Cagsawa, and Budiao were severely damaged, half of Guinobatan was ruined and least 1,200 people.

Taal volcano
=One of the world’s lowest volcanoes
=Is an island located near the center of Taal Lake in Batangas.
=Its highest point, 311 km above sea level, is on the eastern rim of the main crater.
=Covering an area of 23 sq. km.
=This volcano is surrounded by a fresh body of water.
=About two...

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