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Vocational Essay

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What are your vocational objectives and how will your proposed plan of graduate study relate to them?

Computing has revolutionized both large scale corporations as well as small businesses. Where there are business strategies to increase profit and efficiency, computers are almost always involved. I would like to introduce myself as a computer science major with a high interest in the intricacies of the business world. I have a passion for developing software and working with computer systems and because the business world is so vast and complicated a mixture of the two would create the fun, challenging, and satisfying work environment that I crave. I had such a great experience ...view middle of the document...

After graduating with an MBA I would look for a career where I could design software or work with a system, and of course I would look for a company that needed someone in this position who had a head for business. I would be particularly interested in finding employment with a bank or other business driven instituion.

Long term I would be very interested in a management position in the IT field of the company I work for. A position such as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) would be a great fit for the education I have already acquired and the education I hope to acquire in the MBA program provided by the University of Delaware. CIO and CTO positions sound very appealing to me because these are the people that are responsible for the IT architecture of the entire company, investigating new technologies that could help the company, and generally managing all IT related operations of the organization.

The University of Delaware's MBA program is perfect for both my short term and long term vocational objectives. If I am accepted into the MBA program, I would concentrate in the Information Technologies field of the degree. I have looked over all the courses involved for this concentration and a lot of them are very relevant to my interests. For example, MISY 850: Security & Control is crucial if I get a job helping to design or maintain a system for a company because there are a lot of computer hackers in the world and the protection of the...

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