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Vitamin Water Essay

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Marketing is a very important part of a successful business. It can ether make or break a company. Companies must be able to adjust their marketing mix to cater to the consumer needs. To provide a product that satisfies the target market and achieve the organization’s objectives, a company must maintain a effective product mix because consumers attitudes and life styles change over time.
In our case we analyzed Nestlé. Nestle bottled water is among the top five international brands of bottled water in volume of sales and in is sold in 35 countries. More than 90 percent of nestles water sales occur in North America and Europe. With Nestle being a company that is constantly growing and finding ways to increase their revenues Nestle is targeting the less expensive and lower risk alternative for increasing sales in Italy. With nestles company campaign geared towards portable bottled water, Nestle increased its share of $3billion ...view middle of the document...

Since Nestle has already started its campaign, and the results came up with increased market share, Nestle should stay on the game to establish its product position. Nestle should try and terminate this myth about how drinking water on the go can cause indigestion by creating commercial or advertisements that show proven facts from certified doctors that drinking water on the go in fact does not cause indigestion.
Water is our body’s principal chemical component. Every system in our body depends on water. Lack of water can lead to dehydration, a condition that occurs when we don’t have enough water in our body to carry out normal functions. Even mild dehydration can drain our energy and make us tired. For our body to function properly we need to drink water frequently. A way to change the deep seated Italian habits is to have athletes such as soccer players who are really popular in Italy promote drinking on the go. Soccer is the most popular sport in Italy and even around the world, so having a Soccer super star that plays for the national team will influence and may change these deep seated habits of Italian people since many Italian people look up to them. You can have a commercial of a soccer player having an intense practice and at the end o the practice goes to a cooler filled with ice and picks up a bottle of nestle water. Or you can have a commercial with a famous movie star or singer having a really busy day of work and since they are working so hard they are dehydrated. So after they are done with their work you can show them on their way to their car with an ice cold bottle of nestle water showing that it is necessary for them to drink the water because they are so dehydrated from work.
I believe in order for Italians to change their deep seated habits of drinking water on the go they need a recognizable face and someone they can trust show or tell them that it’s ok to drink water on the go. The Italian culture is very traditional and they like to preserve their traditions. But such habits as drinking on the go is one habit that I believe can be changed and will not hurt their traditions or culture.

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