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Visual Media Paper

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Visual media plays a big part in American culture. Television itself has made an impact on what we look at as right and wrong in our culture. As a small child I can recall watching programs such as, Roseanne, The Cosby’s, and Full House to name a few. These programs represented what family life was or could be like and they were models of what Americans do or should live like. Programs like Saved by the Bell, or 90210, surely influenced teen behavior and sparked fads and fashion. We primarily idolized these figures and television and it became very much a part of who we were, and are today. Television also impacts the way we get together as a family. Certain programs such as American Idol, or a sports program, are known to bring groups of people together, whether it’s a weekday night in front of the television rooting for the best singer, or sitting in a crowded bar or pub shouting out obscenities at the opposing team. Reality Television is ...view middle of the document...

I think that is the reason we have the FCC, to regulate what is allowed to be shown on television and what should be monitored as well. Certain channels focus on the uplifting of certain groups like Oprah’s the Oxygen channel. While throughout the day they focus on programming focused on women, you have... Interrelationships are defined as being placed in or coming into mutual relationship with someone and or something. Forms of visual entertainment media are; radio, television, CD’s and DVD’s to name a few. When one speak of Media and the influence it has made on American society as far as culture and values, I can honestly see the reflection from what is viewed and or listened to in our day to day lives. In the times of old there were some shows that allowed a glimpse as to what we are living in now as far as the change of times. Shows like the Jefferson’s and Different Strokes allowed Americans to see the change that was coming within our families, communities and the world as a whole. The Shape of Americans Culture and Values. As times have changed so has our ability to gain instant access whether it is the local news, a nationally syndicated radio talk show or the ability to attend online university and gain a degree as a working adult. America has changed based on the media; however it is up to each individual to determine the shape that is being made. We have come a long way from VCR’S and huge televisions that weigh a few hundred pounds. Being that the majority of the world is always on the go, these are some awesome attributes of American culture and the shape it is taking; however the negative aspect for me is the fact that many have lost the act of actual communication skills whether it is verbally and or written. Positive or Negative. Whether the social influence of visual entertainment has a positive or negative influence will solely be left to the party being questioned. Some argue that the fact on how widespread visual entertainment spans that it makes a great contribution. In the form of music, there are some who are that lyrics are so controversial that they hold a negative hold on the youth that’s is why I think

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