Visual Identity Essay

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Visual Identity

This is an Apple Computer Logo. I was introduced to this logo in 1978, at my high school. At the time, the Apple Computer was the only computer I new anything about. They were the computers used at the school. After entering college the next school year, I saw other computers being used. Being from a small town and a small school, I thought I was the only student that did not know about other kinds of computers. What I found out was this brand of computer was considered to be a better computer, and my school was using it.
Overtime the graphic has changed “from a picture of Issac Newton sitting under an apple tree, with a red banner ornamenting the picture, to a bright rainbow color apple, with a bite taken off it’s right side, and now to a white and raw- aluminum color schemes of the same apple shape, with a bite taken off it’s right side” (, 1986). Although the graphic has ...view middle of the document...

( 2007)
The visual identity graphic fit with the products or service of, The Apple Computer Inc., because ”it is simple and unforgettable, it is so effective in fact that it has remained largely unchanged for 20 years”. (, 2007). The Apple Computers logo “has become one of the world’s most renowned brand symbols” ( The Apple Computer Inc. made its mark many years ago. According to Abrams (p.34), The Company introduced the computer, the logo, and what it does to the media, the media had an audience, and the audience buys into the product. This is the way products are sold.
I have learned Computers of all brands serve the same purpose. I was introduced to an Apple Computer in 1978; the first computer I bought was a Gateway Computer. Since then, I have bought several other brands. They were all desk top. I am now working on a Dell Laptop. All of them served the purpose I bought them for. I learned brands and logos are for advertisement, and advertisement are for sale. Since 1978 and now, I know The Apple Computer is not the only computer, that can do what I need done, although, it might the most expensive one.
Advertising The Apple logo is used as a power of persuasion. According to Ernest Dichter (p.41) “Whatever your attitude toward modern psychology or psychoanalysis, it has been proven beyond any doubt that many of our daily decisions are governed by motivations over which we have no control and of which we are quite unaware.” The Apple Computer Inc. has been getting results from its logo for years, and it is still working. There is a new model of Apple coming out soon. It does not have a keyboard on it. I will definitely not have one of those.

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