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It’s obvious who they are marketing for, and that would be general public, either for man or women, and even young people could fall easily because of their attractive ads. They use a bull not just for the name; a bull represents something powerful, big, and full of energy. Red means fury, energy, strength power and more. It is also very appealing to the eye, and marketing use this color’s attractiveness as an advantage. All of these ads have a strong use of pathos and ethos, they use stuff and persons with an important well known background, like the Einstein picture, who is famous for his energy theories and they took a good advantage of that, and by adding a little humor they can get more attention.

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In the picture with the old man is lifting into the air with his bicycle, there is other people in the background, and they are still in the ground, they cannot fly, because they don’t have Red Bull. So if you don’t get Red Bull you can’t fly and everyone loves flying, which is the background meaning for energy. They used an old man for this ad to represent that no matter what age you are, you can always get lots of energy.

In the French ad they are saying that if you’re French, you could have some Red Bull so that you could escape safely from those bulls, but since Red Bull was banned in France, they have no escape. There are many people running, and the one who stands out the most is the French guy, who is sending the message that the current location is France and that all the people running around are also French. The only 3 objects in the picture that aren’t black and white are a French bread, the French flag and the Red Bull can, which both the French bread and flag represent France, and the Red Bull the current product making the add.

In the Einstein picture they are using lots of ethos as previously mention, but there is also logos, because it is showing a very usual formula a lot of people know, and comparing it to Red Bull is telling you that if you drink Red Bull you will have lots of energy. There is also a phrase that says “Do you think you know better than Einstein?” that is sending the message that if you drink Red Bull, you will be smarter than Einstein.

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