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Visual Analysis

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Overcoming the Demons

Robert Motherwell’s painting, In Plato’s Cave V, has a much deeper meaning and purpose than the composition and brushwork may reveal. It is merely a black canvas with hints of white, or light. Motherwell displays this ‘cave’ in which men were born and raised, only knowing shadows and darkness. This was their reality. They believed this was life, and that it was all the world was about. Until one man was freed from the cave, and saw that it was all a lie. That it was nothing but an illusion.
I believe this is what Motherwell is trying to portray in his painting. He is hinting at how our world that we live in is an illusion, just like the shadows on the walls were ...view middle of the document...

The philosophy behind this painting is not just relevant, but also evident even in the modern world, just under different circumstances. When that one prisoner returns to enlighten the others, we can see how a person brought up on a fixed worldview will find it difficult to accept another highly contrasting outlook, thus resisting and even rejecting the possibility of change and self-discovery.
This is highly prevalent in the views of many today, as the people of our generation may refer to those as “haters.” It is the unknown that we fear when we resist change. We find ways to explain the discrepancies in our lives, rather than to consider looking at things from a completely different point of view. It will always be a judgmental and a materialistic world, and this is a burden that young people of our world must face head-on and overcome. Fortunately for me, I was taught to be open-minded to all things as long as I don’t compromise my own individuality. I refuse to face a wall watching shadows, when I have the opportunities that many have fought for me to have. It would be a crime for us to maintain...

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