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Visit To The Hospital And Human Service

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Visit to Laurel Regional Hospital and Human Service
Visiting the Ellicott human service agency was absolutely new experience for me, because I have never visited an actual Human service agency before. In fact, my expectations were mixed and controversial before visiting the agency. At first, I did not know what to expect from the visit because I perceived the human service agency as the place, where people attempt to find some counseling services and get assistance from the part of the agency’s employees. At the same time, I expected to encounter people, who have lost all hopes in life and attend the human service agency as the last place, where they expect to find some help and assistance ...view middle of the document...

Surprisingly, I noticed some people, who looked to be quite successful and rich. At first, I was surprised but, eventually, I found out that the human service agency provide counseling and health care services to clients suffering from drug addiction and other forms of substance abuse. However, such clients were not numerous but they seemed to visit the agency frequently because they knew pretty well the facilities of the human service agency and they communicated to some professionals working in the agency as well as some clients. Remarkably, whatever the social standing or background of clients of the human service agency was, they were quite friendly in relation to each other as well as to me, although I was a complete stranger in the agency. They were quite friendly and open-hear ted. As for the personnel working in the human service agency, I could say that they belong to the middle class mainly. At the same time, they were really friendly and supportive in relation to visitors and clients of the agency. For instance, when I asked for the way out of the agency, a worker of the human service agency helped me kindly to find the way out of the agency. In fact, the development of the agency seems to be stable because all the work and the environment of the human service agency seemed to be routine.
At the same time, as I carried on my observations in the human service agency, I came to a conclusion that myths that people have about people on welfare or receiving social services are incorrect. For instance, I, in person, believed that people, who are clients of the human service agency, would be desperate and suffering from their problems with low social position in the society. However, in plain contrast, I found out that the people there were not really desperate at all. Instead, they were quite friendly and optimistic. As a result, this experienced raises different values, issues and questions. To put it more precisely, I wonder how people, who have serious health and social integration problems, coped with their problems. At the same time, after my visit to the human service agency, I started to think of my values and how they are different from the values of people working in the human service agency and clients of the agency. In fact, it seems as if they have no social barriers and difference between clients of the human service agency seems to have been totally eliminated, although I cannot understand how they have managed to do so. In addition, after my visit, I became eager to help the agency and people, but I found out that the human service agency suffers from the lack of financial resources because the state support is not always sufficient to cover expenses of the agency.
Therefore, I have learned a lot of new information about this agency and myself. I have learned that people are equal, and how they behave when they are in troubles.
In addition, I have learned that difference between people does not matter, while health and...

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