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Visit To Court Court Report

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Table of ContentsIntroductionCourt DetailsThe Subject Matter of the CaseLayout of the Court and Roles of Court ParticipantsInteresting ObservationsDegree of formality in the court proceedingHow the evidence was presentedUnderstanding the Happening of a Court Room8Understanding Court ProcessReflection of Court Experience9Reference ListIntroduction:This is a report describing an observation of a criminal court proceeding that I attended at Brisbane District Court, Queensland. In this report I will state the kind of hearing I observed and the charges against the defendant; state and identify who was present in the court room and produce a brief description of their role. I will report briefly ...view middle of the document...

This charge is considered an indictable offence. Indictable offences are more serious crimes committed then that of summary offences, which are tried solely by a magistrate whom sits without a jury and attract only a fine or a short jail term (Corkery, J.F., 2002).I attended the court case from 10.00 am to 4.00pm. During that period it involved giving evidence of cross-examination of the victim. The evidence and cross-examination of a victim of crime is only part of the whole case against the accused (Carvan, J., 2005). Throughout, the Crown prosecuting barrister and defense barrister tested the evidence given from the victim of the crime, especially where it was inconsistent with the information given by the accused. During the cross-examination of the victim of crime by the defense barrister, the defense barrister constantly suggested that the memory of the events from the victim was not clear and that the victim was not telling the whole story. The defense barrister raised his voice numerous mounts of time and was insistent that the victim was not reliable and lied about certain events. Twice the Judge intervened and stopped the defense barrister from asking questions due it being repetitive and as he states quote: "annoying and not getting to the point of the case".Layout of the Court and Roles of Court Participants:The layout of the courtroom where the case was being heard is pictured in diagram 1. People who where present in the court room are stated below diagram with a brief description of there role.A. Judge: The Judge controlled how the trial proceeded in the courtroom. Other roles of the Judge are to interpret the law and assess the evidence presented (Butterworths, 2004). Most important of all, judges are impartial decision-makers in the pursuit of justice (Corkery, J.F., 2002). The Judge sees that the proper procedures are followed and she or he makes decisions about all questions of what the law is in relation to the particular case (Corkery, J.F., 2002).B. Judges Associate: The Judge's Associate is a person who assists the Judge. During the trial the Judges Associate assisted in the Judges every need and handed the Judge case related documents.C. Bailiff: Their job is to make sure the matters before the court run smoothly.Throughout the proceedings the Bailiff attended to the needs of the Jury and swore in and escorted the jurors in and out of the court room. The Bailiff also announced the beginning and end of the court sessions. The Bailiff's role also is to make sure no one talks to jury members or tries to influence their decision when they retire to decide their verdict (Carvan, J., 2005).D. Jury: The Jury is a group of 12 people who don't know anything about the accused or the defendant. The Jury's job is to examine the pleadings (arguments) of both sides and decide what really happened (find the facts) they do not have to decide on legal questions, or on what sentence should be handed down to a guilty person (Corkery, J.F.,...

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