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Vision Statement Essay

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Every school has its own story to tell. The context in which teaching and learning takes place influences the processes and procedures by which the school makes decisions around curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The context also impacts the way a school stays faithful to its vision. Many factors contribute to the overall narrative such as an identification of stakeholders, a description of stakeholder engagement, the trends and issues affecting the school, and the kinds of programs and services that a school implements to support student learning.
The purpose of the Vision Statement is to provide schools with an opportunity to describe in narrative form the ...view middle of the document...

Challenges associated with a multi-cultural community such as language barriers are mitigated by awareness and appreciation of people of various countries. Additionally, the newly established KIA automotive plant and feeder industries have significantly and positively impacted the employment rate in Troup County and surrounding areas.
GNMS has 1,100 students and is a feeder school to LaGrange High School. Forty-seven percent of the students are white, forty-four percent are black, three percent are Hispanic, and two percent are Asian. Three percent of students identify themselves as multi-racial. Fifty-two percent are male, and forty-eight percent are female. Sixty-one percent of students are economically disadvantaged (ED), ten percent have disabilities (SWD), and twenty percent are identified as gifted. Student enrollment for sixth grade is 369; seventh grade enrollment is 371, and eighth grade enrollment is 346.
Of the seventy-five certified staff members, one hundred percent are highly qualified. Nineteen percent have a bachelor's degree, forty-nine percent have a master's degree, thirty-one percent have a specialist degree, and one percent has a doctorate. The faculty is twenty-nine percent minority and twenty-one percent male. Administration consists of one principal and three assistant principals. One of the assistant principals is also the registrar. The school has three school counselors, a graduation coach, a Response to Intervention (RTI) specialist, a media specialist, one band teacher, one chorus teacher, one art teacher, eleven exceptional education teachers, four physical education teachers, twelve paraprofessionals, fourteen sixth grade teachers, thirteen seventh-grade teachers, and thirteen eighth grade teachers. Fifteen of the teachers are gifted certified.
Gardner Newman Middle School has many strengths. In reviewing data from the Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT), students are making progress in most areas.
In reading, in 2012, ninety-six percent of students met/exceeded (passed) the CRCT. Eighty-four percent of students with disabilities (SWD) passed, and ninety-four percent of economically disadvantaged (ED) students passed. Fifty-two percent of white students exceeded standards
In math, eighty-three percent of students passed. In 7th grade, ninety-four percent passed, and forty-two percent exceeded in math. Eighty- nine percent of 7th grade SWD students passed the CRCT.
In English/Language Arts, ninety-four percent of the students passed the CRCT, and forty-one percent exceeded in 7th and 8th grades over a three-year period (three year average). In two years (from 2010 to 2012), the pass rate of students with disabilities jumped from thirty-two percent to seventy-four percent.
In science, eighty-three percent of students passed the CRCT, and forty-four percent exceeded. The pass rate for 7th grade students with disabilities increased thirty-eight points from 2009 to 2012.
In social studies over a...

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