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Vision And Mission Essay

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I am presenting this report on brand loyalty and promotional mix,
starts with the rational behind preparing the report, objective, a brief
history of the brand and covers a wide variety of topics, such as making of
the brand, product offerings, brand portfolio, customer perceptions, hr
policy, advertisement strategy,etc.

All this research is then followed by a survey which reveals some facts

about the brands image in the minds of the consumer and satisfaction

derived by the consumers after purchasing the brand.

At last I have concluded the report with my interpretation of the whole thing
and the information collected is presented with the help of charts and


The American marketing association defines a brand as a name, term, sign,

symbol or design ...view middle of the document...

In the same manner you have to approach the customers/consumers
directly to understand his experience of buying and using a product; and

weather he/she is satisfied with the whole process or not. This is very

important for a marketer because then he can design his marketing mix;
according to the needs of the consumer.

The purpose of making this report is to understand the dynamics behind

building a brand image in the market and to understand the consumer·s

perception about a particular brand. . If a consumer has a positive
perception for a brand he/she will definitely go and buy it and after buying

it he/she matches his/her perceived level of satisfaction with the actual

satisfaction derived. That is how brand images are build. This report also

tries to analyze customer satisfaction for a particular brand.


Raymond·s over the years have become synonymous for trust, quality and
style. It is the market leader in suiting and shirting·s, worsted fabric,
tailored & readymade garments with more than 60% market share. Since
it·s beginning in 1925 till today Raymond·s have understood the changing
needs of consumers and catered to it.

The objective of this report is to understand the reason behind Raymond·s
success and consumer·s perception about the brand. When we talk about
Raymond·s it is important to mention other brands also which the
Raymond·s group owns like manzoni, parx, zapp, be: park avenue etc. This
report considers consumer perceptions and knowledge about all these
brands and based on the information colleted, it tries to draw a conclusion
regarding the whole research. Also I have tried to give my interpretation and
understanding of the whole report and research

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