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Vision And Goals Essay

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Vision and goals
My vision as a future Social Worker is to allow the knowledge that I have gained through academics and hands on experience as long as my passion, help guide me in becoming an effective advocate for marginalized individuals. A goal upon graduation is to continue to work in a school setting with my PPSC credential for two to three years as a Psychiatric Social Worker, while accumulating hours to become an LCSW. By obtaining an LCSW, I would like to open up a private practice; however, I am unsure which population I would like to serve at the moment. Due to an MSW degree being so versatile, I have a vision to work in the Geriatrics field. As I have always a strong connection ...view middle of the document...

By being open, that is how I am going to grow as an individual.

However, none of this is possible with out the want, belief and commitment. I do believe, that I am a dedicated person, and committed to making my vision a reality.
Relationships and Resources
I want to establish networks and relationships with people who are going to encourage me to grow personally and professionally. Moreover, I want to establish relationships with people who can instill confidence in me, empower me and people are open to learning from one another. I also want to place myself in healthy environments with like minded people, so that I can flourish instead of remaining stagnant. I want to maintain contact with previous supervisors and co-workers that are in the Social Work field, because I may need them as a reference, or request to work at their agency someday. As well as their experience and knowledge in the field can help me grow as a profession. A resource that I am currently connected to is the USC Trojan family, which is very well known and highly respected throughout the country. The USC network could potentially provide me with a job or connect me with people who could provide me with resources to achieve my goals. It’s vital to keep in touch with professors and colleague’s e upon graduation because their personal skills and network may be able to help guide me in a direction that is going to help me achieve vision.
Potential Barriers
Gender differences can influence behavior in daily life including work. Although, social work is a profession that is largely dominated by women, a numerous amount of men serve as managers in the social service arena, and women are promoted at a significantly...

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