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Virtualization And Cloud Computing Essay

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MIS 2501-002
Date: 02/25/2013
Virtualization and Cloud Computing
As CTA of our growing manufacturing company, I believe there are considerable opportunities for savings by utilizing virtualization to consolidate server workloads. If we utilize virtualization, we could save up to 11,500,000 dollars in server costs after three years. The costs of our current servers are too high but, using virtualization, our company would benefit by reducing costs and the number of servers.
Virtualization is the abstraction of IT resources, such as servers, that masks the physical nature and boundaries of those resources from resource user. Abstraction enables better flexibility, which enables better efficiency. An example of this would be through consolidation. If our company were to consolidate server ...view middle of the document...

Virtual machines can be deployed roughly 30 times faster than physical servers, which have a tendency to double demand for servers. By utilizing virtualization, our company will save money and be overall more efficient.
Utilizing virtualization to consolidate server workloads will save our company 11,500,000 dollars after the next three years. If you were to figure out the current costs of our servers, there are 1000 servers at 8,000 dollars each. Plus, each severs costs about 2,000 dollars a year, so over a three year period the total costs would be about 14 million dollars. If we were to utilize virtualization, each virtual machine server can consolidate 10 physical servers. There would be 100 of these virtual machine servers that cost 16,000 dollars each. Plus, each would cost 3,000 dollars per year to run, which, after three years, would total costs at about 2.5 million dollars. This would be beneficial to our company because after the three-year period of switching, we would save 11.5 million dollars.

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