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Virtual Teams Essay

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Technology is all around everyone and it is becoming more and more advance every single day. People do not have to rely on talking to individuals face to face and instead people are doing everything over the computers, tablets or even cell phones. As technology is growing companies are going to be primarily using virtual teams. Virtual teams are “whose members ...view middle of the document...

Also, you can utilize people from all over the world will want to become a part of your organization.
Now, we can go forward about all of the positive items of utilizing virtual teams. The items that are very positive about using virtual teams are time, money, flexibility and productivity. Time is an item that people do not have enough of because everyone is extremely busy every day. You may think that you enough but, then you are considered a very lucky person. This gives individuals are given the opportunity time to be more flexible and autonomy because they can make their own work hours. It will make the individuals have the ability to do more items with family and friends. Also, it will help eliminate a lot of time commuting back and forth from offices and home. This will help eliminate a lot of time wasted when it can be dedicated to work projects or different responsibilities. More importantly it gives employees to be comfortable, less stressed out and not overworked on a daily basis. Moving forward, everyone needs money to have different items and most importantly to survive.
Money is the second item that is always on everyone’s mind and especially the company. It will help eliminate huge cost effectiveness with individuals being housed in a building. This will give them an opportunity to work from home and still have the ability to stay home. The salary will be very comparable to working in an office and at home because you will be a lot more hours and the money will be beneficial. Flexibility is something that will bring in more of stronger and educated individuals because they are allowed to worker longer and makes it very convenient for both ends of the spectrum. Solving problems for the company is very beneficial because you can any from the company solve it quickly and effectively. You can make the work environment more diverse and use people from all over the world.
Having an internal business because then you know that you will always someone working at all hours of the day. Having flexibility will give an employee an opportunity to work individually and separately and ultimately finish items shorter and quicker. Productivity is will help increase significantly because this will help eliminate all the office distractions. This is an items that happens constantly because a lot of people go to talk to their friends endless hours of the day. One of the items it will eliminate is extended lunches which will result much more work time. You will also have more productive employees who can return in more revenue for the company and employees. This can also in return having much better employee retention because they will more upbeat to work and bring fresh ideas to the company in the long run. One thing that is a huge benefit is you can many less unnecessary meetings.
This would be the best item because everyone that works in an office constantly has those....

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