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Virtual Organization Employment Law Paper

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Virtual OrganizationThis assignment consists of reviewing information on Smith Systems Consulting Inc., referencing facts and applying legal theories to the facts. Although there are several potential areas for concern, I have decided to address the discrimination complaint that occurred within the company. This paper will also evaluate ethical and legal duties that a manager has and include different cultural practices if any apply.Tom Jones is an employee at Smith Systems Consulting Inc., a private sector organization, who wants to file a discrimination complaint against his employer. Tom will need to begin first with filing a charge of discrimination with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions) in person at the nearest office or by mail. To file a charge, information of both parties involved must be provided including their names, addresses, and telephone ...view middle of the document...

In November of 1991 President George Bush overhauled Title VII, which ended battles that have raged over the conservative decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court in civil rights cases (EEOC, 2006). This renovation of the law only made it stronger and more effective which includes the Glass Ceiling Commission and establishing the National Award for Diversity and Excellence in American Executive Management.Being an efficient and effective manager it is important for us to know what Title VII is and whom it applies to since all employees can bind the employer by their discriminatory actions. It is equally important to make sure that all employees understand the law. All employees have the right to a workplace free of illegal discrimination. Managers should be trained to take a multi-disciplinary approach in organization behavior, social issues, business ethics, and labor and employee relations. The human resource department must also provide management with the necessary processes and procedures to avoid any and all forms of discrimination.In conclusion, the United States Presidents and Congress have enacted laws intended to improve equal treatment of all employees. This was been achieved by enacting Equal Pay Act, Civil Rights Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Equal Employment Opportunity Act, Vocational Rehabilitation Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and Civil Rights Act (AEDE, 2007). When companies fail to follow these laws, they are often burdened with lawsuits which are extremely costly for the company.ReferencesAEDE, 2007. Ohio State University. AEDE News and Events.Retrieved on August 10, 2007 from, 2006. U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. FederalEqual Employment Laws. Retrieved on August 10, 2007 from

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