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Virginia Henderson And Myra Levine Essay

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Virginia Henderson and Myra Levine focused their nursing metaparadigm based on person, environment, health, and nursing in similar but different ways. Henderson believed that a person was one of a kind, had basic needs, and that the mind and body are inseparable. Henderson stated that individuals require assistance to achieve health and independence or a peaceful death (Nursing Theory, 2013). Henderson also believed that the person consisted of biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual components. Henderson viewed the patient as someone who needs nursing care but not limited to illness. Levine viewed people as holistic individuals who constantly strive to preserve wholeness ...view middle of the document...

Henderson also believed it was the nurses’ responsibility to stress health promotion, prevention and treatment of disease. In a 2006 article, Henderson was quoted stating, “Good health is a challenge affected by age, cultural background, physical, and intellectual capacities, and emotional balance is the individual’s ability to meet these needs independently” (Henderson, 2006). She also stated that basic nursing care should create an environment that allows the patient to function as independently as possible (Henderson, 2006). Levine’s concept of health consisted of being whole and able to live successfully in a social environment (Nursing Theory, 2013). Levine also stated that if disease must be stopped or death will ensue (Nursing Theory, 2013). Both theorists believed in involving community and families in assisting the patient to obtain optimal health.
Henderson defined nursing as temporarily assisting an individual who lacks the necessary strength, will, and knowledge to satisfy one or more of the 14 basic needs. These 14 basic needs included: bathing, eating and drinking, elimination of waste, ability to move, sleep, ability to dress and undress, cleanliness, body temperature regulation, communication, spirituality, safety, work, education, and leisure activity (Boschma, Davidson, & Bonifacaio, 2009). Levine defined nursing as the human interaction relying on communication, rooted in organic dependency of the individual human being in his relationships with other human beings (Nursing Theory, 2013). Levine focused her nursing care based on the concept of conservation, adaptation, and integrity should be applied to patients of all ages because every individual has the need to expend and reserve bodily energy (Nursing Theory, 2013).
Henderson and Levine both believed that nursing care should include holistic care, but had different ideas on how to perform nursing activities. Henderson’s goal of nursing consists of using the 14 basic needs of patients, both sick or well, in order to return them to optimal health, wellbeing and independence (Boschma et al., 2009). Henderson incorporated her nursing theory and care based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. She believed that the nurse should focus on helping the patient to achieve independence as quickly as possible with the help of the patient’s family and support system.
Levine believed in independent patient care, but focused on conserving the patient’s energy, structural integrity, personal integrity, and social integrity. Levine believed the conservation of energy was based on nursing interventions that balanced the nursing activity and the patient’s available energy (Nursing Theory, 2013). Structural integrity consisted of limiting amount of tissue involvement (Nursing Theory, 2013). Levine stated that conservation of personal integrity was based on nursing interventions that allowed the patient to make decisions for themselves and participate in their nursing...

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