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Virgin Organisational Behaviour Essay

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Understanding organizational behaviour is one of the most important aspects for individuals and Staff of organizations so they can compete successfully in an ever changing environment where the whole organization is able to respond quickly and together. The Change in the environment is not just seen from an external point of view but also internally. The internal environment of any organization goes through periods of rapid changes in its life cycle. The manner in which organization goes about interacting with its stakeholders and the customers is referred to as organizational behaviour. “Organizational behaviour is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups and ...view middle of the document...

A relationship in which a few directs the actions of majority brings these people together to achieve specific tasks. A more general definition of organization sees it as a social group of people arrange and managed to achieve a set of defined goals (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2007). Participation of people is the common factor in both the definitions above and this participation points to the leading and/or management of the people towards the achievement of common goals. In the words of Richard Branson, the only thing that keeps your company alive is the people you work with, other things are secondary, in his words ‘’people are the essence of an organisation and nothing else’’ (Buelens, et al., 2010). People’s perceptions and attributions influence how they behave in their organization. ‘’Perception describes the way people filter, organize and interpret sensory information. Attribution explains how people act, determining how people react to the actions of others as well. Accurate perception allows employees to interpret what they see and hear in the workplace effectively to make decisions, complete tasks and act in ethical manner. Faulty perceptions lead to problems in the organization, such as stereotyping, that lead people to erroneously make assumptions’’ (Duggan, 2012). This brings us a very important question, for an organisation like Virgin Group, which people will be considered to be most effective.
In attempting to answer this, the essay tries to lay a foundation on the fact that in a workplace, individual differences matter. Each person brings their personality, abilities, and other traits to work. Virgin Group’s ability to not only recruit but retain a number of high-quality employees is a major source of competitive advantage, also employee’s skills are key organizational assets (Grogan & Youngs, 2011) .On a general note, when organisations hire, they are focused on two types of fit. Person fit is seen as how compatible and well matched an individual characteristics and that of an organisation is (Anderson, et al., 2008). Person-job fit is the degree a person’s skill, abilities and other characteristics match the job requirements. The most important thing to look out for when searching for a great and effective employee is someone with personality that fits your organisational culture (Branson, 2013). In the words of Richard Branson (2013)‘’ Personality is the key. It is not something that always comes out in interview – people can be shy. But you have to trust your judgement. If you have got a slightly introverted person with a great personality, use your experience to pull it out of them. It is easier with an extrovert, but be wary of people becoming overexcited in the pressure of interviews.’’ In an interview chat with Rahul kadar the editior-in-chief at Future Start-up in 2013, Branson identified the type of workers that have been very effective and have made Virgin what it is today and here are his exact words:
‘’ To...

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