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Virgin Group Essay

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Virgin’s parenting added-value activities include: Public relations and marketing skills/The ability to take long term perspective/Understanding of the opportunities presented by “institutionalized” markets

Brand name is the main strategic relationship and this creates a strong acknowledgement from customers. The brand is associated with the words fun, innovative and daring. This can result in transfers all the marketing and promotional activities up to the present for the specific venture respectively.
For example: Virgin Digital UK offers digital music to a wide variety of customers in the mediums that are compatible with wide range of software and digital hardware. The company has ...view middle of the document...

Virgin Group gained a big market share fairly quickly because they had lower prices than everyone else.
This is a good way in which to enter a market because it surprises the other competitors who may have become too comfortable in this monopolistic market, and has a potentially huge initial gain. Using the surprise tactic ensures that the other market leaders will not expected your move and result in a slow response , for example when Virgin entered the airways market, the British Airways had not anticipated them as competition and so were not prepared to be able to cut costs and compete. So Virgin Airways gained a big share of the market very quickly.
As a corporate parent, Virgin should have intervened within its business units in order to ensure appropriate performance. According to the Virgin Rail the biggest problem that they face is that the uses of this form of transport is voted as the unpopular rail operator and the fact that Virgin’s rail statistics were ranked low. Virgin Groups brand name was slowly chipped away by the press due to their reputation of the rail transport. Virgin has to...

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