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Virgin Blue Essay

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Appendix C – Sample Research Case Study

Virgin Blue
‘You can’t make a business case that you should be who you are not’

Shayne Connell Student Number: 9809317

Case Study GSBS6010 – Foundations of Marketing Theory Due: 11 March 2010

Lecturers: Penny Crittall and Joel Goodsir

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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary………………………………………………………3 2. Situation Analysis a. Identification of case issues………………………………....…. 4 b. Analysis of case issues using marketing theory…...........……5 3. Evaluation of alternative courses of action……………………………. 7 4. Recommendations………………………………………………………..7 5. References………………………………………………………………...9

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1. Executive Summary This ...view middle of the document...

194). Sixteen years later, in August 2000, Virgin Blue was launched as the first low cost airline in Australia. The airline applied the fun and adventure of the Virgin brand, synonymous across the globe with being ‘the consumer champion’; to an Australian airline industry which was perceived to have taken its customers for granted (Branson, 2009). Over the past decade the company has shifted marketing strategy from low cost carrier to ‘best cost’ carrier in response to the introduction of Jet Star in 2004. The marketing challenge facing Virgin Blue in 2010 is to capture more of the stable business market to ensure profitability within a macro environment of increasing oil prices, new entrants, global financial stress and fluctuating leisure market demand (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans and Armstrong, 2010). Virgin Blue needs to develop and maintain a “strategic fit between the organisation’s goals and capabilities and the changing marketing opportunities” (Kotler et al., 2010, p.65). The ‘New World Carrier’ response of low cost, user-pays frills is Virgin Blue’s attempt to address these opportunities. The key issues are interrelated; the challenge of repositioning with another strategic model to offer value to the business market while maintaining relevance to the ‘cash cow’ leisure market (Kotler et al., 2010). Virgin airlines were at the forefront of strategic thinking in responding to the needs and wants of the leisure travel market. By removing unnecessary extras from their product Virgin was able to reduce costs and bring airline travel to the people. However, understanding the needs and wants of business and government travellers in Australia is new territory for the market challenger. Formulating a marketing mix which is relevant and engaging for these travellers while adhering to the core values is a particular challenge. For example, the benefit to Premium Economy customers of ‘more space’ promoted by the ‘New World Carrier’ immediately implies ‘less space’ for regular customers, who valued Virgin Blue’s original proposition to ‘keep the air fair’.

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2b. Analysis of case issues using marketing theory Virgin Blue is not the first airline to encounter this strategic marketing challenge. Western Pacific Airlines went bankrupt in 1998 after the low cost carrier’s attempt to reposition itself for the business market (Olson and Ferguson, 1998). Laker Airways also went bankrupt when it blurred its image by “adding frills, new services and new routes to its low cost service” (Porter, 1985, p.17). However, Irish carrier Ryanair decided to pursue a single-minded corporate strategy, focusing exclusively on providing low-cost air transport for consumers and currently leads this market in Europe (Walker, Goutnas, Mavondo and Mullins, 2009). Virgin Blue is now communicating its third strategic direction to the market in ten years. The challenge can be understood through analysis of strategic market planning, portfolio planning, growth...

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