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Effects of Violent Video Games
Over 90% of youth in Canada aged between 12 and 17 play or have played a violent video game throughout their life. The industry is now a 91.95 billion dollar market with the top selling series being “Call of Duty” a violent, gruesome, but entertaining first person shooter. A study conducted by Harvard Health Publications says that, “Youth exposure to violent media (including video games) can contribute to real-life violent behavior and harm children in many other ways.” Recently debates have been sparked as to whether violent video games are actually as bad as they seem. Realistic graphics technology, first hand engagement and behavioural changes are all effects as to why an older generation will respond negatively to a widely popular video game while a younger generation who engage in these video games will not.
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” Can a video game really affect how we view pain and suffering in the real world? The graphics that are displayed in these games are unimaginable and scarring to older generations, but the younger generation loves the thrill given by the realistic graphics.
Violent video games played in a first person point of view, forcing the player to engage in violence themselves. Younger generations almost always have filters and restrictions in the real world on what they can and can’t do. In these video games players can do whatever they desire whenever they want to. It’s like another life but without any rules! An article written by Huffington Post states that, “Virtual experiences feel very real, not only because the graphics today are so amazing, but because they are taking on a first-person role in the killing process.” Older generations believe that all the first hand killing sprees are negatively affecting our youth by desensitizing death in the eyes of the youth, while the younger generations love the sensation of getting away with breaking the rules through these virtual experiences.
Finally, studies have been conducted stating that violent video games contribute to behavioural changes. An article from Time states, “Ever since the Columbine shooting, video games have been a popular target for senseless acts of violent behaviour.” Older generations fear that the violence in the games will negatively impact youth behavior and how they react to certain situations in society. In defense, violent video games are a good outlet for youth to expel their negative emotions and feelings if played in moderation. Playing violent video games in moderation is said to be a healthy outlet for anger and negative emotions but just like anything else, they shouldn’t be played in excess.
In conclusion, an older generation will respond negatively to a violent video game while a younger generation will not because of realistic graphics technology, first hand engagement, and behavioural changes. Violent video games are just another media outlet for people to be entertained, but there are serious risks if they are played in too much excess.

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