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Violent Media’s Effects On Youths Essay

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Violent media’s effects on youths
According to Smith and Wilson (Smith., 1997; Wilson., 1997), the National Television Violence Study, a three-year assessment of more than 3000 programs a year, found out that “60 percent of programs across twenty-six channels contain some physical aggressions”. Some points of view believe that there are connections between media violence and violent behaviour. However, other people don’t think so. This essay will argue that violence in the media is one of the main causes of increasing violent behaviour among youths because children learn behaviours from the media, youth who watch violent TV programs become more aggressive and they show less sympathy for ...view middle of the document...

They can’t tell right from wrong; fact or fiction yet and their characters are developing over the time. By watching and copying violent actions on TV or from games, they might develop a violent and aggressive character in the future (Bandura, A. Ross, D. & Ross, S., 1963; Hicks, 1965). Violence on media could be anything from murder, to rape, to robbing. If children got excited from something like that then we will have to be worry of what kind of people they might become as they get older. There were researches that compared children who watch a lot of violent television to children who don’t. The results were that the children who watch more violent TV were more likely to agree that “it’s ok to hit someone if you are mad at them for a good reason” (Cheyney, 1983). It is claimed that violent animated cartoons and video games have no effect on children’s aggression (Cooper, J. & Mackie, D., 1986; Graybill, 1987). However, those results were from decades ago, violence in video games and cartoons available today are on a different level compared to the old ones (Kirsch, 1998). To sum up, aggressive behaviours among youths is an effect of violent media.
Finally, as a result of watching violence via media, children will show less sympathy for other people. Children who spent lots of time watching violent TV become less aware to the pain and suffering of other people around them. As they watch more violence on the media over the time, they will consider it normal and lose the ability to empathize with other people (Huesmann, 1986). Boyatzis stated that “They consider violence as normal behaviours” (Boyatzis, C. Matillo, G. & Nesbitt, K., 1995). For example, when a child who watches televised violence sees another kid getting bullied, he or she is likely to stand aside and watch or even record a video and upload it on the Internet instead of...

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