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Violence In Video Games Essay

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Violence in Video Games
National American University
Composition 1I

Judy Lujan
May 9, 2012

There is much speculation in respect to the effects of playing violent video games. This paper will describe the components of some violent video games and the possible effects they may have on game players. In addition it has been hypothesized that at least one video game, Grand Theft Auto may have been the driving force behind a triple homicide. Although extensive research has not been compiled to prove this theory is substantiated, there is supposition that for those individuals who spend countless hours playing video games will ultimately result in aggressive thoughts and ...view middle of the document...

Violent video games mislead players by implying that violence is an acceptable behavior. In speaking with my nephew, Kristofer Spinks, who has played video games over the years, he has expressed his opinion that the player’s ability to beat the game gives them a false sense of power and confidence.
The game player is challenged by the mission. These missions encompass destruction of property, mass killing, and burning, in order to achieve the next level. In order to accomplish this they must outdo the villain or zombie. According to Kristofer, video game players become obsessed with the challenge so consequently they become absorbed in playing for great lengths of time to achieve the ultimate goal, which is beating the game.
Video game players learn that immoral actions and behaviors are socially acceptable. Actions such as stealing disrespect or destruction of property and physical assault (criminal behaviors) are all forms of learned behavior. Video games such as Grand Theft Auto, Modern Warfare and World of War Craft are but a few prime examples of exploiting unethical behavior.
The video game Grand Theft Auto was created with the mission of the players to earn points, by causing death and destruction amidst the traffic in the city, and stealing cars to sell for profit. The goal of the player is to achieve the highest level of points and multipliers; often times the player will choose a mission that will increase the point value. An example of this would be using a police car for running over people would double the amount of points they receive. An article written by Rebecca Leung, following an aired news broadcast on 60 Minutes presented the case of an 18 year old named Devin Moore who allegedly murdered two police officers and a dispatcher at the Fayette Police station in Fayette, Alabama. It was speculated that his actions were the direct result of his playing Grand Theft Auto. The article cited that Devin Moore told police after being apprehended "Life is like a video game. Everybody's got to die sometime."
In reference to the act of violence committed by Devin Moore, he was found guilty and sentenced to death by lethal injection. “The defense mounted a case based on a childhood full of mental and physical abuse, as well as an affinity for violent games. One game in particular, Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto III, was singled out, because gamers can steal cars and kill cops in it. Moore had said he was inspired by the PlayStation 2 game.” (Surette, 2005). Additional information from the Associated Press states that the presiding judge disqualified testimony related to the video game from being presented to jurors; this did not hold back the defense attorney from reminding jurors about Devin Moore’s statement to the police after his arrest regarding the video game. (Associated Press, August 10, 2005).
Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare encourages violence through use of weapons. Online game playing enables player’s...

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