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Violence In The Streets Of Washington, D.C

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The War in the streets of Washington, D.CWashington, D.C., is the capital of the most authoritative country in the world. All of the most important political figures are living here in the district. Not only is D.C the capital of the United States of America but is also the murder capital. Having the highest homicide rate in the country has made the district known as the murder capital for years. The Violence in the district streets is outrageous and almost like a war. The Violence needs to cease.According to sources, including The Washington Post, the homicide rate has been declining so much that at the pace it is going this year, we will have the lowest D.C. murder rate in two consecutive years out of the past twenty years. Hard work and dedication are being put towards producing an impact and making D.C as safer place.While Washington has had a steady 3% decrease in deaths by violence, Prince George's County, especially right outside of the ...view middle of the document...

It only takes being in the wrong place at the wrong time or with wrong people and instantly your entire life can be completely different.When reviewing all the articles I realized that yes numbers are decreasing but the problem still remains that innocent people are loosing their lives and gangs are killing for reasons so minute. A crime wave has swept over that area between D.C and Prince Georges County. The fact is that D.C. cops have no authority in Maryland. This allows crimes to be made in D.C and gotten away with in Prince Georges County. Criminals have memorized exactly where the border lies making it effortless to escape the police. Ninety percent of Prince George's County homicides occur near the D.C. border. Each program has designed programs with both areas for collaboration but either they do not work or are never funded. Lack of strategy has kept crime on the border line.Now, Congress who controls but does not even care about what the District of Columbia citizens want, chooses to go against not only the residents of the city but the mayor and all the other government figures, too. In the Capitol, the House decided that D.C. does not even know what is good for it, which sent Congress working to lighten the strict gun laws in place here. They are trying to overturn a law that requires guns to be unloaded with a safety lock on or disassembled, totally contradicting the local Washington government's supremacy and ability.Over the past couple of years the city has made tremendous progress and a hope for the future that lies ahead looks promising. On the other hand, Prince Georges County has made no progress at all. Furthermore, Congress messing with the gun laws is only going to make D.C. take a step back with the war in the streets. It is devastating to know that politicians have the ability to make problems worse.In conclusion, Violence in the district is a local topic of significance. It is very prevalent and vital to know what is going on in the community in which you live. In addition, it is extremely important that as an adolescent one should have the knowledge of incidents and things of that sort to make one better aware while continuing to live life to its fullest extent.

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