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Violence And The Media Essay

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Discuss the consequences of depicting violence on television with reference to effects theory

As the development of economy and technology, there are many diverse forms of media in the digitized twenty-first century, including TV, radio, newspapers, and the Internet. Especially the television plays such a significant role in the lives of modern citizens nowadays. However, it may cause some negative aspects such as the television violence because children who watch violent television shows are more likely to commit crimes than those who do not (Marc, 2001). In this essay it will attempt to bring these claims into perspective and discuss critically that the consequences of depicting ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, children are more likely to accept violence is an available way of settling conflicts or problems even they believe that violent behaviour are acceptable (Violence on prime time broadcast TV 2001). According to the hypodermic needle theory, the viewers are passive and wholly received and accepted by the receiver. Consequently, viewing of television violence by children causes greater aggressiveness. Similarly, according to the third model of Wartella, Huesmann (1986) says that television violence can be encoded in the ‘script’, and the social behaviour is controlled by the script because it tells people how to react. As a result, those aggressive scripts can lead to the real violence. However, Wilson and Smith (2002) maintain that the same degree of harmful effects cannot be caused by all violence. As discussed by Mcquail(2005,p459)mass media works through a nexus of mediating factors to the audience rather than as a necessary of sufficient cause. Though in Linne(1998)’s research thirty three percentages of interviewees which account for the biggest part think there is an obscure causal relationship between violence in the media and the society, this causal relationship may not be admitted in the media industry. It does not mean that the media has no effects, According to Mcquail (2005), that”…rather there was no direct or one-to-one link to be expected between media stimulus and audience response. There are some variables that can decide how television violence can affect the audience such as media content variables ad audience variables (ibid).

Afterward, Perse (2001) states the media could have conditional effects through describing the violence on TV which can vary as the audience variables such as individual differences and social relationships (Mcquail 2005). This can be also reflected in the uses and gratifications theory, which illustrates the audiences use the media to fulfil and respond their own media gratifications that is decided by their social and psychological background (weiji). From the point of psychology, the effects of violence on television for young children may be cases in point. According to the research that based on over thirty years of the public health community, watching entertainment violence can lead to increases in aggressive attitudes, values and behavior, particularly in children. It is because that young children may be particularly likely to watch TV for information and therefore more susceptible to be influenced. Judith (1990). However, it might have disparate aspects on young children because of their own demands. Hans ( points out that those children who prefer viewing massive television violent programs and enjoying watching them can finally become desensitized to television violence and no longer be upset or aroused by witnessing violence (Eysenck and Nias 1978). Nonetheless, according to the experiment by Drabman and Thomas (1974), there is the danger that they will accept and...

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