Violence Among Us Essay

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9 March 2013
Violence amongst Us
Violence among young people in society is increasing dramatically. Perhaps what is most alarming is that these violent acts are not only occurring on the streets, but in the school systems as well. School violence is defined as any physical or verbal attack on a person while on school grounds or on school property. There has been an increase in the amount and the degree of violence. Students are now bringing guns, knives, and other weapons to school, and many are using them to hurt and kill. The main cause of school violence is a combination of bullying, the media and the lack of attention from parents and schools. The ...view middle of the document...

“Many parents, lawmakers and experts worry that violent video games, such as “Call of Duty,” “Killzone 3” and “Battlefield 3,” may be more dangerous because of their interactive nature and because they reward players for shooting people onscreen or they depict sexual violence. “The thing I find incredibly personally upsetting is the amount of violence against women in these games … and a lot of the roles are prostitutes and rape victims. It's staggering,” says April McClain-Delaney, Washington director of Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that provides information for educators and parents about media content.” (Lyons).
Adolescent age is the period when the child is most prone to getting drifted from right track to the wrong path. In the end, all boils down to the atmosphere where the child grows. So it is quite important for the parents and teachers to take necessary care and steps to make your child grow in a healthy environment.
Parental involvement is an important factor in determining potentially violent behavior. A child often looks to their parents as role models, as well as for moral guidance. (Lyons). Therefore, if the parent tends to behave in an aggressive manner, the child will tend to mimic this behavior. Parents are also responsible for appropriately disciplining their child. If a parent refuses to address their child's aggressive behavior, the child may become violent in nature. Similarly, a parent who abuses and/or neglects their child is possibly contributing to the spread of violence in schools (Lyons). Joseph Guiliano states that youths who live in families where violence is common are at the greatest risk for becoming violent violence (Lyons). The American Psychological Association (APA), claims that family characteristics such as criminal history of the parent, rejection of the child, physical or emotional abuse, or lack of parental supervision are the "strongest predictors" in the potential for violent behavior (von). Therefore, parents need to be aware...

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