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Violence Against Women Essay

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Sexism has been extremely prevalent in the world since the start of agricultural societies. As groups of people moved from their hunting gathering practices and into agricultural women weren’t needed to keep the group alive. Their role in society was demoted to that of bearing children and therefore they were considered only fit for housework and weren’t included in hard labor. This was the beginning of deep seated sexism that carries on into the modern day. We have seen many examples of this throughout history from high levels of abuse in Ancient Rome, European witch hunts viciously attacking women and leading to around 51,000 deaths, extreme amounts of sexism surrounding the modern ...view middle of the document...

Another example of violence against women was the Consualia. The Consualia was a festival to celebrate the god Consus, but it included Roman officials taking the women of Sabine and making them their wives. The women and their families had absolutely no say in the matter, but their families never majorly tried to defeat the Roman officials for taking them so the Sabine women were forced to stay with the officials. Ancient Rome is one of many time periods and places where violence against women was so common and accepted that it was considered a social norm. Hardly anything changed throughout the Roman empire because extreme violence against women was considered normal. We see more examples of unfair and violent treatment of women in later time periods in Europe as well as in Ancient Rome.

Another large example of violence against women in history was the European Witch Trials. The number of killings was absurd with an estimated 60,000 people being executed by the end of the trials. As Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English note, “One writer has estimated the number of executions at an average of 600 a year for certain German cities – two a day… At Toulouse, four-hundred were put to death in a day. In Bishopric of Trier, in 1585, two villages were left with only one female inhabitant each” (7). The scope of these trials was insane and was fueled by both by both ecclesiastical courts and judicial courts. The majority of those executed during the trials were women who commonly practiced medicine for those who...

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