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Violators Of Human Rights Essay

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When I think of violators of Human Rights, one entity comes to mind and that entity is the New York Police Department. For far too long, the New York Police Department has continuously been accused of using excessive and abusive force to achieve arrests. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter to the officers whether these people are guilty or not. In the United States Constitution, it reads, “innocent until proven guilty” but according to the New York Police Department these people are “guilty until proven innocent.” This happens in the smallest and largest of situations, from a simple traffic stop to the arrest of a so called “lifelong” criminal. In this paper, through specific examples of the ...view middle of the document...

Outraged at this accusation, he informed these individuals they were mistaken, and he had never seen these women in his life. He was then forced into a car, where he began to seriously fear for his life. Once in the car, he tried to remain calm and explained that his family owned a bar in Bay Ridge and if they would take him there he could get them whatever they wanted; obviously saying this to remain in familiar territory. Upon reaching the bar, he saw a familiar face in an employee, at which time the 68th precinct was called. Once the police arrived, they refused to write up a police report stating, “You probably called those girls for their services, and couldn’t pay them.” Appalled at the officer’s accusation, my friend vehemently denied this and asked the officer’s “at the very least can you provide me a ride home?” The police officer retorted with a chuckle and said, “We are not a babysitting service, find your own way home!” This behavior is disgusting and absolutely uncalled for. As I understand it, police officers are supposed to investigate every complaint or accusation as a valid one. Sadly, this is only one example of millions of cases that go uninvestigated as if they don’t matter. The NYPD needs to put in their place, and defend the promises they swore to uphold.
Through recent research, there are incredible amounts of cases that center on the habitual human rights violations by the NYPD. A number of cases that support my argument are extremely violent, and it is absurd that any human being can commit such acts against another human being without any remorse; especially coming from an individual that has sworn to act professional, courteous, and respectful of the people of New York; these three words are displayed on every NYPD cruiser for all to see.
One of the most serious examples of the NYPD’s excessive and brutal use of power is the 1962 arrest of Brooklyn mobster Frank Lino.
“In 1962, the Bonanno crime family mobster Frank Lino was arrested for his alleged involvement in the shootings of two Brooklyn police detectives. The detectives, aged 28 and 56, were shot dead during a holdup of a tobacco store in Gravesend, Brooklyn, where Lino and two others netted $5,000. Lino was charged with the murders after supplying a getaway vehicle for one of the "stick-up men" so that he could then flee to Chicago. Lino was one of the five men charged after being taken to the 66th Precinct for an interrogation. During Lino's interrogation, he claimed that police officers drove staples into his hands and a broomstick up his rectum. He alleged that the abuse resulted in a broken leg and arm. Lino was later released with three years’ probation after he threatened to sue the city for police brutality. He also claimed that the uncontrollable blinking of his eyes was a direct result of the alleged beating.” (Wikipedia)
While the murders committed by Mr. Lino are unfortunate actions, it does not justify the heinous and extreme reaction by the...

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