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Abstract of Vinegar Batteries
Vinegar Batteries

Battery or more precisely, a cell – is a device in which reaction between two substances can be made to occur in such a way that some of the chemical energy is converted to useful electricity. Since its invention, the battery has become the most common power source for many households and industrial applications. There are so many ways to construct a battery as well as ways to control its generated output.
This Vinegar Battery is a battery that is constructed out from simple components. Adding the vinegar with a strip of copper wire and zinc forms a simple battery. Low amperage devices, such as digital clock, calculator and small bulb can be easily supplied by this battery. Another good thing about this battery is that it is absolutely environmental friendly and it is much cheaper than the other types of battery. It does not contain any toxic that is hazardous and dangerous to human’s health and it is very easy to ...view middle of the document...

4. Cut a piece of any galvanized metal (galvanized means that is coated with zinc) and suspend it into the vinegar inside the small jar. It should be apart from the copper.
5. Get the multi-tester and touch the positive pin to the copper and have the negative pin connected into the zinc. Record the voltage generated as well as the current.

Vinegar Battery
Vinegar Battery
A) Worldwide
The World Energy Outlook 2012 and Electricity Information 2012 from the OECD's International Energy Agency (IEA) set out the present situation and also present current policies,* new policies, and carbon reduction (‘450’) scenarios. From 2000 to 2010 total world primary energy demand grew by 26%, and to 2020 it is projected to grow less (by 20% under current policies scenario, and less under other scenarios). Growth to 2035 is 47% under current policies. Electricity growth is almost double this. It grew at an average annual rate of 3.4% from 1973 to 2010, and is projected to grow 89% from 2010 to 2035 (from 18,443 TWh to 35,000 TWh) in the current policies scenario, and 73% (to 31,859 TWh) in the central New Policies scenario. Increased demand is most dramatic in Asia, projected to average 4.3% or 3.8% per year respectively to 2035. Currently some two billion people have no access to electricity, and it is a high priority to address this lack
With the United Nations predicting world population growth from 6.6 billion in 2007 to 8.2 billion by 2030, demand for energy must increase substantially over that period. Both population growth and increasing standards of living for many people in developing countries will cause strong growth in energy demand, as outlined above. Over 70% of the increased energy demand is from developing countries, led by China and India - China overtook the USA as top CO2 emitter in 2007. Superimposed on this, the UN Population Division projects an ongoing trend of urbanization, reaching 70% worldwide by 2050, enabling world population to stabilize at about 9 billion with better food supply, clean water, sanitation, health, education and communication facilities.
Coal is not limited globally, but large amounts need to be moved from where it is plentiful to where it is needed, mainly for power generation. This has both economic and carbon emission implications (apart from actually

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