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Vinegar As Alternative Battery Essay

1193 words - 5 pages

Vinegar as Alternative Battery

An Investigatory Project Presented to
The Faculty of the High School Department
Surigao Education Center
Km. 2, Surigao City


In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in
Physics IV



Edradan, Jefferson
Galos, Jancirfil
Jimena, Rimar
Villarojo, Kerr
Yaun, Mary Allyssa

March 2013

Title Page i
Approval Sheet ii
Acknowledgement iii
Abstract iv
Table of Contents vi
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e., thecathode or po sitive electrode. In the redox reaction that powers the battery, cations are reduced (electrons are added) at the cathode, while anions are oxidized (electrons are removed) at the anode. The electrodes do not touch each other but are electrically connected by the electrolyte. Some cells use two half-cells with different electrolytes. A separator between half-cells allows ions to flow, but prevents mixing of the electrolytes.
Vinegar is a solution of acetic acid and water. Acids donate H+ ions into a solution. The concentration of these ions is what determines whether a solution is a strong electrolyte (conductor) or a weak one. Since vinegar has a low concentration of acetic acid(about 5%) it only has a pH of only ~2.4 and so is a weak acid.
Review of Related Literature
According to Doctor Sergey stated that vinegar have lots of electronic magnet cells that can because electricity will small megabytes.
During the experimentation, the researchers found out that 4 pieces of calamodins are enough to light a certain bulb. It is also found out that a coin which is hot copper and copper wires are not the appropriate materials in making the experiment.
Instead of the materials mentioned used the copper coin and alligator wire. The galvanized nail also matter in lightning the bulb. Use the 1.5 inches galvanized nail to balanced the flow of the current.
Statement of the Problem
The researchers aimed to answer the following:
1. How much amount of vinegar that can make the light Emitting Diode bulb light?
2. Can vinegar bean alternative battery?

Significance of the Study
This activity is done by the researcher with an important purpose. This activity is launched solely for the Fourth Year High school students of Surigao Education Center.

Scope and Limitations
This study focused only on vinegar as an alternative source of energy.

Definition of Terms
* Battery – a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy.
* Vinegar – a liquid substance consisting mainly of acetic acid (CH3CO2H) and water, the acetic acid being produced through the fermentation of ethanol by acetic acid bacteria.
* Electricity – is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of electric charge.
* Acids – is a substance which reacts with a base
* Electric Source – a physical property of matter that causes it to experience a force when near other electrically charged matter. 

Research Design
The descriptive and experimental design was used in this study.

* Vinegar
* Alligator Wires
* Galvanized Nails
* Copper wires
* Tape
* Cups
* Led bulb
General Procedure
A. Preparation on Materials
1. Prepare and check all the materials...

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