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View Of Personality Essay

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This research paper explores different published journal articles that report results from empirical research conducted by different theorist in the field of psychology. By looking at the empirical research on nature versus nurture and how it takes both nature and nurture to develop the personality, the baffling question of what influences personality development can start to be answered. The unconscious is also proven to have its influence on personality, by events sealed away in the unconscious of the mind, the influences help to develop the personality and the person to become their self. The self is the person who relates to others. It refers to a unique set of traits, behaviors, and ...view middle of the document...

This paper will approach the question and answer it by exploring the results of empirical research and data that will prove that it takes nature and nurture, the unconscious, culture, genetics, all the different ego states and the birth order to develop our personality to form a unique and individual person. Along with the mystery behind being motivated and mature. It will also briefly look at all of these different influences, research and data and answer the baffling question, what are the influences that affect the development of personality?
Foundations of Personality
There are different natures even in God’s word. Christians have two natures at work, one is the old sin nature, and the other is a new nature controlled by the Spirit. These two natures are constantly at war with each other. Paul says that, despite the best intentions, a person is still influenced by the sin nature: “I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do, this I keep on doing” (Romans 7:18-19, King James Version). Sigmund Freud also believed there are different parts that influence and make up the personality development (Thurschwell, P., & NetLibrary, I, 2009). This is the “id” or the (nature), “ego”, “super ego” (nurture). Id is innate (nature), superego is nurture (a direct reflection of the parents and the environment that was lived in), and ego is the balancer of the two (Thurschwell, P., &NetLibrary, I., 2009). There are many theorists that believe it takes both nature and nurture to develop the human personality. Throughout the history of humans, there have always been questions that man has wondered about. Some of these questions are “what is the meaning of life” and “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” The questions asked do nature or nurture or both nature and nurture have an impact on the growing development of personality? It is obvious that DNA dictate to a person’s height, hair color, eye color and gender says (Singh, I., 2012). But is it also possible our DNA influence the way we behave in society or the nurture of that environment that influence our personality development (Singh, I., 2012). Research show that genetics influence more ways than anyone has imagined (Singh, I., 2012). It is also believed that shyness, eating disorders, obsessive behavior and psychological illness can all is traced back to a person’s genetics commented (Singh, I, 2012). However, a child that is born with genes that dictate to them being shy, being over or under weight, etc. Those genes are also influenced to develop from the environment (Singh, I., 2012). For example, the child that is shy can have influences by the environment that will cause the child to develop a more out going personality (Singh, I, 2012). A person may have been born with an addictive personality by their genetic make up, but the nurture of the environment will dictate the influences that are...

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